How To Increase Your Income Without Selling One More Car

Posted by Insignia Group on Jan 4, 2024 4:33:27 PM

Being a salesperson often means playing an exhaustion game. The final “X” on the board at the end of the month is liberating and brings a sigh of relief, only to usher in the beginning of a new month with a fresh slate. 

Car sales, in particular, can be especially stressful because the number of cars a person can sell is subject to fluctuations in the market. Even the best salespeople have months where their numbers are down and their pocket takes a hit. 

Yet there’s a way to increase your monthly income as a car salesperson, without selling one more car.

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8 Ways to Unwrap the Joy of Car Accessories This Christmas

Posted by Insignia Group on Dec 12, 2023 3:43:08 PM

The festive season is upon us, with car enthusiasts and gift-givers alike gearing up for the celebration!

While the holidays traditionally evoke images of snow-covered landscapes and cozy family gatherings, there's a unique and exciting way to spread cheer beyond the usual gift exchanges and seasonal decorations—by exploring the world of car accessories. 

Dealerships that knock the holidays out of the park offer accessories for every automotive aficionado. Here are eight reasons to put the spotlight on accessories this season and will end 2023 strong.

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Why Selling Automotive Accessories Makes Your Job Easier

Posted by Insignia Group on Nov 29, 2023 3:54:11 PM

Automotive sales are an ever-evolving industry where competition is fierce and customers are discerning. To stay ahead of the game, automotive salespeople must look beyond the car itself and explore opportunities to enhance the customer experience and increase sales. A highly effective approach is to focus on selling accessories at the point of sale. 

Uncover the importance of selling accessories!  We’ll showcase how this practice can benefit automotive salespeople and their customers.

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6 Reasons to Incorporate Automotive Accessories into Digital Retailing

Posted by Insignia Group on Nov 16, 2023 4:52:08 PM


The automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation, reshaping how cars are bought and sold. With the rise of online shopping and changing consumer expectations, automotive dealerships face increasing pressure to adapt and provide a seamless digital retailing experience. 

To stay competitive in this ever-evolving landscape, dealerships should consider integrating accessories into their digital retailing tools. It’s more than a smart move; it’s necessary for dealerships looking to thrive in the modern automotive market.

Here are six reasons to incorporate automotive accessories into digital retailing:

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Visualization Sets Us Apart

Posted by Insignia Group on Nov 8, 2023 12:01:39 PM

Visualization sets us apart. Our configurators are cutting-edge, three-angled powerhouses that sell accessories. 

Your customer spends a lot of time researching before buying from you. When a sleek 3D model of their new vehicle is displayed front and center during the accessory presentation, it creates an emotional connection, fueling personalization. 

Our state-of-the-art visuals send a message to your customer that your dealership is modern and progressive and able to meet their every need.

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Overcoming Objections to Car Accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 24, 2023 10:34:31 AM


Every salesperson knows the euphoria of finishing a car sale, complete with accessories, an “X” on the board, and extra commission. 

By the time you’ve reached that point, you’ve jumped through many hoops. And the hoops were on fire. Yes, overcoming objections can be tricky, and arguably, none are more dreaded than the deadpan reply, "I'm not interested." 

Customers know this is an excellent way to cut the sales pitch off before it starts. Don’t fret. You can take a few different routes to get around, over, and in front of objections to car accessories. 

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My Car Buying Experience: Six Dealers in Six Hours

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 4, 2023 1:45:20 PM

Guest Post by Khrys Dorton

My husband and I hit six dealerships in about six hours during inflation and an inventory shortage. 

This is my tale. 

For three years, I’ve been driving a basic Ford Fusion S. The Fusion was a necessity purchase, and to be honest, I never really cared for it. As a hobby, we’d periodically check around online to see if we could trade it or sell it for something we liked. 

In April of this year, I turned 43. My family and I had gone out to breakfast, and I’d been feeling down in the dumps. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis, or maybe it was a slow decline from driving an unwanted base model. (Okay, maybe that’s dramatic). Wanting to lift my spirits, my husband did the only thing he could think of. He offered to take me (car) window shopping.

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Word Tracks For Hot Selling Accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Sep 26, 2023 1:54:37 PM

One of the biggest hesitations to selling accessories is the fear of messing up the hard-earned car sale. The truth is accessories are simply a continuation of the well-established process, and something as easy as word tracks can put accessory sales on autopilot. 

You’d never wing it or fumble through a car sale. Why treat the multi-billion dollar accessory industry any differently? When dealerships stand to make more money on accessories and F&I products than they do selling cars, it’s critical that dealers get add-ons right. 

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The Sales Department Is Your Best Customer

Posted by Insignia Group on Sep 26, 2023 1:41:45 PM

As a Parts Manager, we know you get it. You’re well aware that accessories are an untouchable industry, a pandemic-proof, money-making boost for the front and back of the house. 

Often, the parts department divides efforts to sell accessories via digital retailing, e-commerce, and in-store. While a combination effort is an admirable (and successful) approach, parts shouldn’t lose sight of their best and easiest customer—the sales department. 

Here are three reasons why working with sales to sell accessories is a good idea. 

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Investing time vs. spending time in a dealership

Posted by Insignia Group on Aug 23, 2023 8:40:53 AM

Customer expectation has morphed several times over the last several years. Today, the person’s experience is more important than budget. The most successful dealerships are changing their usual way of doing things to adapt to the next wave of consumers. 

Buyers now start their car buying process online up to 99% of the time.  Some take steps toward buying their car before setting foot in the store, cutting their in-store time down to about ninety minutes. Even those who didn’t start the check-out process online have spent hours researching and know what they want when they arrive. 

Couple this well-informed buyer with a society that values a fast pace and high efficiency, and dealerships must make the most out of every minute they have with their buyer (or risk death by bad reviews). 

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