In today’s fast-paced, digital selling environment, content is king. Today’s discerning car buyer seeks more than just transportation. They're looking for a vehicle that fits their lifestyle and personality and expresses their identity.

Merchandising accessories at the point of sale is critical for edging the competition and making your customer's vehicle distinct. 

The automotive accessory industry's sales revenue has been increasing every year, and it now stands at about $46 billion.

Through Insignia Group’s services, manufacturers can integrate accessory content (both part information and visual representation) into the shopping process.  

Then, we syndicate your content across multiple platforms and throughout the various departments in the dealership (from sales to services). 

Catalog Services

Over the last twenty years, Insignia Group’s content management system has been perfected for accessory parts. We manage millions of vehicle and parts data elements along with thousands of vehicle and part visualization assets. 

Content Syndication/API

The Insignia Group system is the only one of its kind that syndicates dealer-specific pricing, manufacturer-specific portfolios, plus visualization through our API services—a service seldom offered by our competitors. 

Dealership Solutions (IGSuite and AccessorySync)

 Insignia Group’s IGSuite and AccessorySync Systems provide all the tools needed for dealerships to improve their top-line revenues, bottom-line margins, and CSI scores—by merchandising accessories to vehicle buyers through digital retailing and in-store transactions.