In today’s consumer-connected world, consistency is king! A discrepancy in pricing or data can cause you to lose money and customers or earn the dreaded poor review. 

A major problem for the automotive industry has been conquering the enemy of consistency: connectivity across all touchpoints, or the lack thereof. 

Pricing and product offerings must be consistent at every point of access to successfully merchandise accessories in a dealership.

Content Syndication Paves The Way For Consistency

Whether you’re a dealership, a manufacturer, or a digital retailer, Insignia Group is the pathway to consistency for your automotive accessory offering. Our API is the delivery mechanism for your content—streamlined, consistent, and in real-time.

The Insignia Group system is the only one of its kind that syndicates dealer-specific pricing, manufacturer-specific portfolios, and visualization through our API services. 

Contact us if:

  • You’re a dealer, and you want to merchandise your accessories throughout your store and online
  • You’re a manufacturer and want to have your accessory data in all your dealerships
  • You’re an automotive software platform, like a website provider or digital retailer,  seeking accessory information for your dealer customers




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