Overcoming Objections to Car Accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 24, 2023 10:34:31 AM



Every salesperson knows the euphoria of finishing a car sale, complete with accessories, an “X” on the board, and extra commission. 

By the time you’ve reached that point, you’ve jumped through many hoops. And the hoops were on fire. Yes, overcoming objections can be tricky, and arguably, none are more dreaded than the deadpan reply, "I'm not interested." 

Customers know this is an excellent way to cut the sales pitch off before it starts. Don’t fret. You can take a few different routes to get around, over, and in front of objections to car accessories. 

Prevent the Objection Before it Happens

The ability to navigate objections well starts with a good sales process. Start at the trade by taking a mental note of accessories already on the customer’s trade-in. 

As you start talking with the customer, you can get to know their lifestyle by asking qualifying questions. What does the customer do for work? How much time do they spend in their vehicle? How many people or animals are regular passengers? There’s an accessory that can be added for the comfort or convenience of the drive for every walk of life. 

The sales process, which can be lengthy, should also aim to make the customer as comfortable as possible. Time in the dealership is shortened today, yet it can still be a long day for the customer. Keep the pressure low, the patience level high, and the coffee hot. 

An overwhelmed or exhausted customer will balk at another sales pitch (no matter how good it is). Prevent this by executing the sales pitch with excellence from start to finish. A smooth process allows you to overcome objections with informed and personal recommendations for accessories. 

The next time your customer says they’re uninterested, you can tactfully respond, “Not interested in what?” 

You can overcome the objection once they tell you what they aren’t interested in (another sales pitch, spending more money, buying accessories, etc.).

Utilize Word Tracks

When you reach a stall, ask the buyer if they plan to drive this car for over a few months. Here’s a word-track example to keep the conversation moving. 

“I understand that you’re not interested in personalizing your vehicle. Many add-ons allow you to invest in your future by protecting the longevity of your car. If you’re going to keep the car for any length of time, look at the options available to ensure this vehicle gets a full lifespan. I’ll grab you something to drink while you browse. Remember that all of these accessories are easily rolled into monthly financing when you find something that will help protect the value of your vehicle.”

First empathize, then educate. The customer may be under a misconception about accessories. Ensure your customer doesn’t associate Vehicle Personalization with fuzzy dice or racing stripes. Tailor your qualifying questions and word-track examples around your unique customer.

Let Insignia Group Coach You to Fewer Sales Objections

Providing digital accessory platforms to sell accessories is only part of what we do. Insignia Group also delivers consulting services to make personalization profitable in your showroom. We’ve helped dealers implement accessory sales processes nationwide, allowing salespeople to make upwards of $2,000 a month in extra commission from accessory sales. 

Take advantage of the entire gamut of our services, including interactive 3D visuals, best practice tips, electronic We-Owes, OE and Aftermarket digital product catalog, nationwide consultants, and much more. 

Objections are a natural part of the sales process. Start with your accessory conversation at the trade, and you’ll easily overcome pushback. Ready to bring your dealership an average of $250,000+  in accessory revenue in 2024? Contact us for a demo of the system. 

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