Is your dealership capturing the increased revenue (and margin) that a professional accessory sales program offers? If not, now’s the time to start!

With more than twenty years of experience, Insignia Group knows how to help your dealership profitably navigate the ebbs and flows of our industry by increasing your profit margins with accessory sales. 

As customer expectations change, successful dealerships transition to meet those needs. Insignia Group’s IGSuite and AccessorySync are accessory merchandising services that can significantly boost your dealership’s profit margins online and in-store. By partnering with Insignia Group, you can monetize accessories no matter where your customers are shopping.


In-Store / IGSuite

Online / AccessorySync

  • Present and sell accessories at the point of sale.
  • Connect with your customers by offering accessories via interactive 3D configurators.
  • Communicate between departments about accessory orders.
  • Submit, process, track, and monitor orders seamlessly.

  • Syndicate accessory content, including your specific dealership portfolio and pricing (including installation), for your digital retailing partner.
  • All-in-One Management of your accessory content, including brands, pricing, and installation..
  • Customize labor times and dealer-specific pricing for maximum profitability.



Here’s something you may not know: Automotive accessory sales have continued to climb despite the industry's recent challenges. In 2023, consumers spent $51.8 billion on accessories and modifications, with that number projected to increase steadily this year. Today, over 90% of car buyers start their process online. Dealerships must be poised to present accessories early and often and seamlessly transition a sale to the store when necessary. 

As customer expectations change, successful dealerships transition to meet those needs.