Automotive accessory sales have continued to climb despite the industry's recent challenges. In 2023, consumers spent $51.8 billion on accessories and modifications, with that number projected to increase steadily this year.

Historically, dealerships have struggled to capture the opportunity to present and merchandise accessories during the new and used purchase process. This is mainly due to consistency and communication between departments.

IGSuite is the answer for so many dealerships. For over twenty years, Insignia Group’s services have enabled dealerships to offer and sell accessories at a significant rate, generating profits and higher income for sales associates.

IGSuite offers:

  • Interactive, 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurators
  • Authentic OE & Aftermarket Data for accurate pricing, inventory, fitment, and labor pricing
  • Package Builder to assemble your most commonly sold accessories for upselling to customers)
  • Manual Customization to remove or hide your out-of-stock items to avoid customers ordering items they may not get for weeks
  • Integrate Digital Retailers to allow you the control of pricing, labor rates, packages offered, and more. And our configurators are available in all major digital retailing software.

Over time, Insignia Group services have proven to increase new car profits, lower sales associate turnover (due to higher compensation), and improve customer satisfaction through developing stronger dealership loyalty. 

Don’t let another car sale happen without maximizing your opportunity to create more profit and happy customers!


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