8 Ways to Unwrap the Joy of Car Accessories This Christmas

Posted by Insignia Group on Dec 12, 2023 3:43:08 PM


The festive season is upon us, with car enthusiasts and gift-givers alike gearing up for the celebration!

While the holidays traditionally evoke images of snow-covered landscapes and cozy family gatherings, there's a unique and exciting way to spread cheer beyond the usual gift exchanges and seasonal decorations—by exploring the world of car accessories. 

Dealerships that knock the holidays out of the park offer accessories for every automotive aficionado. Here are eight reasons to put the spotlight on accessories this season and will end 2023 strong.

1. Increase Year-End Revenue: 

Selling accessories can be an additional source of revenue for dealerships as a whole and individual salespeople. Capitalize by offering accessories at the point of sale, no matter where the customer is shopping. Today, over 90% of car buying starts online. It’s not too late to opt-in to accessories with your digital retailer and get accessories in front of buyers early and often. 

2. Get Gifting:

The holiday season is a popular time for gift-giving. Car accessories can make great gifts for car enthusiasts or for individuals who recently purchased a new vehicle. During the holidays, people are often in a gift-giving or “treat yourself” mindset and may be more inclined to purchase accessories for their vehicles or others. Dealerships can promote accessories as thoughtful, practical gifts via social media and e-mail marketing—as well as in the service lane. 

3. Promotional Bundles and Discounts: 

Dealerships can use accessories to create holiday-themed bundles or special promotions, enticing customers to make additional purchases when they buy a new vehicle. This strategy can be particularly effective during holiday promotions or year-end clearance events. 

4. Enhance the Buying Experience: 

Customer experience is of critical importance to today’s buyers. Offering accessories allows dealerships to enhance the overall buying experience. Customers will appreciate the convenience of finding everything they need for their new car in one place, making their holiday shopping more efficient. Dealers can be assured that customers will purchase accessories, whether it’s from your store or somewhere else. 

5. Seasonal Marketing Opportunities: 

The holiday season provides a unique marketing opportunity—twelve days of accessories, anyone? Dealerships can run festive advertising campaigns, whether paid or free, and create holiday-themed promotions. Unleash the power of social media to showcase accessories of the day as must-have items for vehicles new and old. 

6. Differentiation and Branding: 

Selling accessories can help a dealership differentiate itself from competitors. By offering a wide range of high-quality accessories and emphasizing their availability during the holidays, a dealership can strengthen its brand and attract more customers.

7. Clearing Out Old Inventory:

The end of the year often prompts dealerships to clear out old inventory to make room for new models. Including accessories in bundles and promotions can help move inventory faster and make room for new products in the coming year.

8. Utilize the Service Department for Revenue: 

Accessories often require installation, which can lead to additional revenue for the dealership's service department. This not only increases sales, it also encourages customers to return to the dealership for installation and future service needs.

Insignia Group Can Help

Selling accessories at the point of sale is a strategic move for car dealerships during the holidays and beyond. For over twenty years, Insignia Group has been helping dealers increase revenue, reduce turnover, boost CSI scores, and more through accessory sales. Make the most of this holiday season and kick start 2024 the right way with accessory sales. Get in touch with us today to see a demo of our system. 

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