We Can Take That Off Your Plate

As a digital retailer or automotive software provider, you’ve got enough to take care of. 

We get it. The last thing you want to do is manage automotive accessory data. 

That’s where we come in—it’s what we do! 

Content management is our specialty. Through our API, we can send you accessory content and a visual representation of the product at penny-perfect pricing. 

By working with Insignia Group, you’ll ensure that the end user can start and finish the car deal within your app, with dealer-specific pricing and labor. 

Enhance your user experience and give yourself a leg up on the competition with the Insignia Group API. 

To deliver dealer-specific pricing and custom labor times, your dealer customer must also be a customer of ours. Getting dealers onboarded is easy! You’ll turn on their accessories functionality, and we’ll get them set up on AccessorySync, our online accessory-selling tool that integrates with your platform. 

*AccessorySync is $99/month 

Our Digital Retailing Partnerships

  • DealerOn
  • CarNow
  • Gubagoo
  • Roadster
  • Darwin
  • Upstart
  • Dealer Inspire

And more to come!

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