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Aftermarket Manufacturers, tired of spreadsheets?

If you design and manufacture automotive accessories, you have an inherent data problem. The systems you use to design and develop your products aren’t connected to the systems you need to share or market that information to customers and distributors—even your own sales and marketing teams!

We get it—you're sick of spreadsheets! 

The core of Insignia Group’s services is our ability to swiftly manage automotive accessory data/content. 

We’ve been doing this for more than twenty years and recently extended our data/content management services to Powersports and recreational vehicles. 

We don’t like spreadsheets either. That’s why we built our robust content management system to maintain hundreds of data points on accessory parts and vehicles. Insignia Group is designed for products like yours—to work with you, not against you. 

On top of our content management, we visually represent your products on vehicles through our library of deployable 3D visual configurators, specifically tailored to your product portfolio. 

With Insignia Group, you can now disseminate your data and visualization on your website and any internal intranet systems, as well as API your content to your partners and distributors.

Ditch the spreadsheet migraine. We make it simple!




Benefits of Parts Accessory Management with Insignia Group

Our API, the newest product from Insignia Group, allows manufacturers, restylers, distributors, and dealerships to house, create, and dispatch their parts data. We handle PIES data validation so that you don’t need to! We also pull from many ACES vehicle databases to ensure everything is accurate, fitment is never wrong, and we manage all changes for thousands of customers across North America.

What else can you do with our automotive aftermarket data platform?

  • We support spreadsheet and cloud import/exports
  • Connect with other brands, restylers, and distribution partners
  • Compliance with data standards (ACES, PIES, and unique)
  • Live data validation

How We’re Different From Other Data Management Services

Our system is meant for the aftermarket, PowerSports, MotorSports, and distributor networks that go along with those. Those industries have thousands of accessories and vehicle customizations that require visuals for the customers. Your data, with or without our photorealistic configurators, are instantly disbursed to your site, distributors, partners, or whoever would need access to your information. Our configurators are second to none. They also make your brand and parts consistent across every platform without the need for new images to be sent out to digital catalogs and/or implemented by them or their third parties. Any updates or changes happen quickly and are delivered in real time.

Who Needs Automotive Data Management

  • Auto Restylers/ Upfitters/Expediters
  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors/Distributor Networks
  • Accessory and Part Manufacturers

Find Out More

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