How To Increase Your Income Without Selling One More Car

Posted by Insignia Group on Jan 4, 2024 4:33:27 PM

Accessorized Honda

Being a salesperson often means playing an exhaustion game. The final “X” on the board at the end of the month is liberating and brings a sigh of relief, only to usher in the beginning of a new month with a fresh slate. 

Car sales, in particular, can be especially stressful because the number of cars a person can sell is subject to fluctuations in the market. Even the best salespeople have months where their numbers are down and their pocket takes a hit. 

Yet there’s a way to increase your monthly income as a car salesperson, without selling one more car.

Car accessories. 

Offering accessories at the point of sale is proven to increase a salesperson’s income, create repeat business, increase customer loyalty, boost CSI scores, and offer upselling opportunities. 

Follow these three tips to present and sell accessories with ease—without fear of losing the sale.

1. Weave Accessories Throughout 
The conversation about accessories shouldn’t be abrupt. When you meet your customers and start qualifying them, make mental notes of which accessories would benefit each customer’s lifestyle. Point out accessories on vehicles you look at together, and continue asking leading questions throughout the sale. 

2. Present at the Right Time
The best time to present accessories is during wait time for F&I. Ensure your customer is comfortable, offer a drink or snack, and a cozy seat. After making suggestions, leave your customer to browse accessories options on your iPad or laptop while you check on paperwork. Giving some space makes it less of a sales pitch and more of a shopping experience.

3. Offer Four Accessories to Every Customer
Four is the magic number of accessories you should offer to each customer for success. Offering only one or two can result in a profit loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Try starting with a lead-in product that you’re comfortable with, such as a lower ticket item or an easy “yes”. Then make suggestions of accessories that are popular for that vehicle and/or accessories that would fulfill a need or desire for that person. 

Accessories are a multi-billion dollar industry. The only question is whether the person will buy accessories from you, or an aftermarket dealer down the street.

Insignia Group Can Help

For more than twenty years, Insignia Group has been the leading provider of digital accessory selling systems in the showroom. We work with a wide range of brands across the country to help dealerships sell more accessories at the point of sale. Our sleek, user-friendly system makes for an enhanced shopping experience that is personal to the customer. Ready to see it for yourself? Schedule a demo with us to find out how you can make more money without selling more cars in 2024.

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