Until now, your dealership accessory content and pricing have been siloed into separate presentations or online e-commerce systems. This forced your dealership sales staff to switch between systems to present (or offer accessories) to a new or used car buyer. And when a customer wanted to buy accessories, your dealership staff had to switch over to another system (and input their information yet again) just to complete the transaction.

AccessorySync puts an end to all of that!

Now, you can manage all accessory information, pricing, and labor times in one place—then publish or syndicate that information to your digital retailing partner (or, in some cases, your website provider). This enables you to merchandise accessories during the vehicle sale, with the vehicle presentation. ALL. IN. ONE.


With AccessorySync, your dealership can:

  • Syndicate accessory content, including your specific dealership portfolio and pricing (plus installation), to present and sell accessories online via your digital retailing partner feed.
  • All-in-One Management of your accessory content, including brands, pricing, and installation. Control what your customer sees with our administrative tool.
  • Customize labor times and dealer-specific pricing for maximum profitability.

The Insignia Group system is the only one of its kind that syndicates dealer-specific pricing, manufacturer-specific portfolios, and visualization through our API services.