5 Ways to Be a Better Automotive Internet Sales Manager

Posted by Insignia Group on Apr 12, 2023 9:58:15 AM


The internet sales department was thrust into the spotlight in 2020, becoming center stage overnight. 

The automotive industry is changed forever, and so has the role of the Internet sales manager. That fifteen minutes of fame as the coolest cat in the dealership morphed into a ton of pressure to keep up with demand. Once the sunglasses were a status symbol, now they're covering dark circles from losing sleep over digital retailing.

As car sales continually evolve, internet sales managers can focus on the basics to remain competitive: getting more leads and an excellent staff to pursue them. 

Here are five tips for running a successful internet sales department in 2023.

1. Make It Personal

We don’t have to lose all our humanness in online interactions. In fact, salespeople should actively work to humanize themselves online. Potential buyers will connect more quickly and efficiently when you prove yourself as more than a bot. 

Consider adding a picture and quirky bio about your internet sales staff for customers to read. Give some basic information and add something more memorable: like the salesperson’s favorite sports team, childhood nickname, a weekend hobby, or favorite food. Connected leads stick. 

2. Analyze Your Website

A thorough analysis of each page of your website is an excellent use of time. Find out which pages drive the most traffic and where you lose people. Next, look for how much time is spent on individual pages. Consult with a marketing firm to ensure your website is consistent with your brand and voice across every touchpoint. 

Finally, go through the process of contacting someone at the dealership, accessorizing a car, or even checking out online to see if any part is frustrating or difficult. When it comes to internet car sales, you’re only as good as your website. 


3. Use Free Advertising

Over 70% of the US population has at least one social media account. Not only is it a far-reaching advertisement, it’s free! Maintain a heavy and consistent online presence, making sure your social media manager utilizes each platform to its full extent. Facebook and Instagram posts are the most basic. Going live, sharing stories and reels, creating polls, as well as using videos are essential to gaining an audience. 

Don’t get stuck in your own way and refuse to adapt to the times. Get a Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube channel going today. It’s all free, making you relevant and visible to a broader audience. 

4. Sell Accessories

Never miss this step. Accessories are a multi-billion dollar industry that was largely unaffected by the pandemic. Even during the chip shortage, they were a lifeline to getting a customer something close to what they needed—and they remain pivotal. Today, dealerships who want to remain competitive must integrate their accessory catalog with their digital retailer to get Vehicle Personalization in front of every customer. 

Create front-page banners advertising accessories and accessorized vehicles to draw interest. Make sure your staff offers accessories at the point of sale to every internet customer, every time. Your PNVR will increase instantly. 

5. Train Continually

Make training a part of the workday. Internet sales staff benefit from consistent training on utilizing all digital platforms and resources in addition to sales training. Incorporate new facts about your inventory to ensure you’re ahead of the game with product knowledge. Hold competitions to see who is the fastest typist and help employees constantly improve their speed, along with online communication. 

The digital retailing process has to be more seamless than an in-person interaction because online shoppers will click away in a heartbeat. Professionalism, personality, expertise, and speed all come into play within the first five seconds for an online customer! 

Insignia Group Can Help Boost Sales

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory catalogs in dealerships nationwide. Our system integrates with multiple digital retailers to provide online accessory catalogs with pricing syndication. Using our system with a digital retailer, dealerships can create custom pricing that includes labor times to sell accessories online. 

Our expert consultants train your staff, whether they’re using the catalog online or in the store, and make sure your process matches your individual dealership. 

Does your digital retailer integrate with your accessory system? Contact us today to see how we can help!


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