Insignia’s proven methodology systematically establishes
a long-term Vehicle Personalization process within your dealership.

It's not rocket science and it is complicated. How do you get all your departments on the same page? What pricing should be offered in the showroom? Great! We sold something—now what? Who calls the customer? Who installs? There are a lot of moving parts to make this successful. 

Vehicle Personalization is the only process in your store that will touch every department—from sales to parts to service to prep and delivery. It is not hard to sell accessories in your dealership, it's just complicated.

Let us help un-complicate it for you. We guarantee success. Yes, we are that confident that our process training will work, regardless of your market, brand, lease rate, or car sales volume. 

Our consulting has proven to

  • Improve your customer satisfaction index (CSI)
  • Retain good sales staff
  • Increase the number of your first service appointments
  • Increase F&I percentages
  • Increase profit per vehicle

Offering customization during the car purchase increases the value of the purchase experience and enhances the dealership brand. Insignia’s Vehicle Personalization Experts (VPEs) consult with personnel in the dealership to develop and train a sustainable, profitable process.

Sample of our training topics

  • Visual selling with presentation tools
  • Creating a shopping process
  • How to use lead-in products
  • Establishing a personalization center
  • Accessory manager training
  • Order management for high CSI

Review our guarantee.

Success stories and case studies

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