Vehicle Personalization is the only process in your store that will touch every department—from sales to parts to service to prep and delivery. Accessories are an afterthought when selling cars when they should be as normal a part of the car selling process as sending purchase information to the F & I department.

What Do Our Consultants Do?

Let us help un-complicate it for you. We guarantee success. Yes, we’re that confident our process training will work, regardless of your market, brand, lease rate, or car sales volume. 

Offering customization during a car purchase increases the value of the purchase experience and enhances the dealership brand. Insignia Group’s consultants are experts in training personnel in the dealership to develop a sustainable, profitable process for all vehicle sales by properly using our software to entice customers to personalize their vehicles. A customized vehicle has better customer satisfaction, increased profits per vehicle sold, and a better opportunity for customer retention and referrals.

When you use our consultants, you can expect:

  • Consulting, training, and coaching sessions to grow accessory sales through Insignia Group's processes and best practices
  • Quick response support for any questions or assistance with the software system
  • Recurring meetings to discuss sales results from a specified timeframe for us to offer additional training to further increase sales or just to celebrate your achievements
  • Easy communication through video meetings, chats, emails, or phone calls

Isn't "Consultant" a Fancy Word for Customer Representative?

Our consultants are helpful like a customer representative. They can help you if your login doesn't seem to work or if you are having trouble changing some numbers in the system (like for labor rate or who certain notifications should be emailed to). That being said, they are not customer representatives because they are much more than that. 

If you are part of our Everything program or use our Guided Add-On program, the consultants are all about you. We don't wait for you to come with a problem, we suggest changes before something becomes a problem. Here is an in-depth look at what our consultants do for you.

  • Training with simple set up and with each new milestone achieved, consultants train in more advanced processes to continue better sales results.
  • Process training for sales and service department employees
  • A dedicated meeting on a monthly or quarterly basis to go over results and work through issues that are keeping the dealership from achieving the results you want
  • Business training for General Managers, Sales Managers, and Accessory Managers.
    • Process training for retaining employees
    • Business training for retaining customers
    • Improved customer experience training
    • Methods to decrease margin compression
  • Digital Retailing Best Practices
    • Where to put your website link
    • Meetings to discuss usage and revenue results and the changes you can make to improve them

Who Are Our Consultants?

Our consultants are real people. We don't outsource and you will never be stuck in a phone tree loop with a robot. Our consultants are Khrys, Roger, Kurt, Anais, and Brian. These five consultants have been in the automotive industry for decades, as both floor employees and in the business departments. They have walked through selling accessories to customers and helping GMs establish a solid revenue accessories department. They are here to help you make more money without having to sell more vehicles!


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