5 Step Formula for Accessory Sales

Posted by Insignia Group on Apr 22, 2024 4:55:51 PM


Does the thought of selling accessories get you bent out of shape? When it comes to presenting personalization at the point of sale, there’s a process you can follow to the letter to snap you back.

Even dealerships that throw accessories at the wall to see what sticks make money. While a haphazard approach isn’t sustainable and surely not the best way to do things, accessories just hold their own. 

Your customers are hard-wired to personalize. That’s the facts—so if you opt not to offer accessories out of fear of losing the sale or confusion on how to do it, your customer will head to the aftermarket vendor down the street. 

Keep your money in-house. Ensure your customer is getting OE accessories (under warranty) installed by factory-certified technicians. And then reap the benefits! 

Here are 5 steps to achieve accessory sales success.

1. Weave Accessories Throughout the Car Sale

You don’t have to constantly plug in accessories to weave them throughout your process. Instead, when you qualify your customer, ask lifestyle-specific questions that correlate to drive-enhancing accessories. If your customer is a road warrior, for example, make a mental note of things like window tint to protect against UV rays, cargo organization for consistently operating out of the vehicle, and all-weather mats to keep their area clean. 

2. Present During Wait Time 

Accessories are best presented during wait time for F&I in a comfortable environment away from the hustle of the showroom. Once the car sale is complete, direct your customer to an accessories shopping area with relaxed seating and a device they can use to pull up an interactive configurator within the accessories system. Register every customer easily by using the accessories system as an electronic We-Owe. Then, go into your presentation. 

3. Start With a Lead-in Product

Lead products can vary by dealership, brand, and even seasonal. The goal of the lead-in product is to get the customer engaged in the accessories presentation and saying “Yes!” Choose a lead-in product that works for your store and your customer base, then start every presentation with it. The best lead-in products are affordable, fit any vehicle, and make sense for the majority of your buyers. For a brand like Jeep (that has a committed following), you may consider brand merchandise, spare tire covers, or even rubber ducks. Other ideas that aren’t lifestyle-specific might be all-weather mats, door edge guards, or free oil change coupons. 

4. Use the Magic Number

Dealerships that offer the magic number of accessories make “the real” money. Using the Insignia Group Accessories Selling System, a Subaru store went from making $10,000 a month (offering one to two accessories per order) to $60,000 a month. The difference? Simply offering more accessories strategically. The magic number of accessories, no matter who you are or what brand you’re selling, is four. Start with your lead-in product, then offer three more accessories that are unique to the customer. That could be the most popular accessories for their vehicle or accessories that will benefit their lifestyle.

5. Make It Easy

After you’ve suggested four accessories, offer to get your customer(s) something to drink and step away. Create a true shopping experience without the pressure. Instruct your customer to fill up their cart with interesting items, just like they would on Amazon. When you return, you can remove any items they decide not to buy and discuss any warranties or financing. Once your customer is ready, submit the order and turn your customer over to F&I. From there, any communication about installations can be handled electronically between parts, sales, service, and when needed, your customer. 

Insignia Group Can Help

For more than twenty years, Insignia Group has been the leading provider of digital accessory-selling systems in dealerships nationwide. Our sleek interface allows dealerships to create profitable accessory programs at the point of sale. Dealers using the Insignia Group accessories selling system can bundle accessories into custom packages featuring hot-selling accessories, process orders, and more. In addition, our integration with major digital retailers covers all your bases and allows for a seamless transition when customers decide to come into the store.

Schedule a demo to see how our system can help you sell more accessories at the point of sale.

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