Dealership offered services

The automotive accessory industry is projected to be worth $604.1 billion by 2028, so why wait to sell accessories? More dealerships are transitioning to a digital platform because customers expect online vehicle and accessory options to be available. The Insignia Group accessory sales platform boosts your dealership’s profit margins with online and in-store accessory sales. Our automotive accessory and part software offer your dealership a seamless and fast alternative to a dusty binder—plus so much more. 

With our automotive software companies partnerships, our automotive database software, and realistic configurators, your dealership will be set for success!

Advantages of our Automotive Part Software for Dealership Accessories:

    • Interactive, realistic 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurators including internal and external accessories. 
    • eLearning Courses for every department.
    • Authentic OE data for accurate fitment, labor pricing, and inventory.
    • E-communication between departments: Accessory orders are accessible to all dealership staff members to view or add updates such as part availability, RO numbers, and installation schedules.
    • Direct Integration with your digital retailer system.
    • Dealership-Experienced Consultants to discuss accessory sales, software training, and optimize strategic marketing.  
    • Data Management
    • Tracks accessory sales and move obsolete ones with bundles. 
    • And more!

Our Partnerships:

Insignia Group is partnered with the automotive software companies listed below. Our partnerships with digital retailers, website creators, DMS systems, and other automotive software companies gives your dealership an effortless accessory sales process for your customers and employees. Furthermore, your accessory fitment, visuals, custom pricing, and product packages can be integrated into your other software vendors, including digital retailers. 

Here are some of the digital retailers we are partnered with:

  • DealerOn
  • CarNow
  • Gubagoo
  • Roadster
  • Darwin
  • Upstart
  • Dealer Inspire

And more to come!

Your Accessory Data Translates Across Platforms: 

Our automotive accessory database software translates your data from our system directly to your digital retailer. With our platform, changing the labor rates in the system changes the digital retailer rates. Our automotive database software allows your dealership to customize pricing, improve customer retention, and increase sales. It’s fast and easy to update your dealership’s unique pricing. Most of the digital retailers also use our configurators for their vehicle pages which means interactive deal building from your website with accessories included as part of it. 

Our automotive accessory sales system gives shoppers the ability to be introduced to accessories as part of the car buying process directly from the website. This eliminates the need for car buyers to have to get accessories from a 3rd party or remember to call the parts department—that’s something no dusty binder can do! And with our real-time updates, your custom pricing will always be correct. That’s another reason why dealerships across the nation choose the Insignia Group accessory sales software, because our system gives your customers everything they need to customize their vehicle in an effortless and efficient process. 

In an increasingly digital world, it's time to make sure that you offer your customers the best user experience possible! Get started today!