VW throws down the gauntlet on the 2015 GTI and Golf

Posted by Insignia Group on Apr 21, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Last month, Insignia was asked to be a co-presenter at the Volkswagen National After Sales Meeting in Nashville, TN. The focus of the show was on fixed operations, with heavy emphasis on vehicle personalization and customer experience. VW goes an extra mile to provide life-style merchandise and accessories for it's buyers.

On day one of the conference an announcement was made that the forth-coming 2015 GTI and Golf will have NO PORT ACCESSORIES. (Ok some fine-print - only 650 Halo Cars in TWO colors will have a "few" Port Items). Personalization generation--it just got real. This one's for you.

(Que sound of LARGE hammer thud on a table.)




VW DPs and Sales Managers: VW has thrown down the vehicle personalization gauntlet. Time to pick it up or you can NEVER complain about Port Installs again...EVER...never...ever. Why? Because you have 100% of the opportunity to help your customers personalize a hot car - a brand new car!

This is HUGE news. No other manufacturer  is taking such a bold step as to not put ANY Port Installed accessories on a new released vehicle. VW is putting satisfying the customer squarely on the dealers shoulders. And what's more? the accessories for these cars will be shipped at the same time as the car. VW reported that nearly 75% of dealers had pre-ordered accessories. Go ahead with your bad selves, parts managers. 

Sales Managers, are you ready to present those accessories?

Insignia can help. This is a great opportunity to grow your business. Don't let it get past you!


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