Selling Accessories Builds Dealership Strength

Posted by Insignia Group on May 23, 2023 4:40:25 PM


sales tips to build strength

If going to the gym is good for us, why don’t we all do it? 

Sure, it can be intimidating. It takes effort and pushing yourself to be better—which can also require some mental toughness. When you do start, however, you get stronger. You gain confidence and resilience and feel great! Next thing you know, you’re the envy of your friends and colleagues. Todd, are those biceps I see? Yes. Yes, they are.

Like hitting the gym, making a habit of presenting accessories to every customer is easy to put off. The payoff, however, is big, and it happens faster than you think. Here’s the little push you need to “lose that wait”. It’s not going to be seamless the first time, the second, maybe not even the third. Neither were your first few car sales. 

Once you get into the routine of presenting accessories to every customer, you’ll start adding money to your pocket. Your commission will increase month over month until you’re in the best shape of your life. 

And Vehicle Personalization has benefits that reach far beyond your commission check. Here’s just a few:

Customer Retention

Selling accessories boosts retention by enhancing the customer experience. It’s also an excellent introduction to the service department, where customers really become sticky. 

Insignia Group’s top-selling salesperson of 2022 sells 50-70 cars per month and makes an extra $2-$3k in accessory commission by selling to mostly repeat customers. When you’ve already built rapport with a person and sold them something, the second time around is lower pressure. 

Positioning your dealership as a one-stop shop (on the front end) sends your customer down the right path to utilize your store for maintenance, repair, trade-ins, and future purchases. 

It’s not goodbye; it’s see you later. And by the way, your calves look great.

Better CSI Scores

We all know that great CSI scores are highly coveted, hot commodities by dealerships, OEMs, and manufacturers alike. They’re like the pre-workout drink that sets you up for success (or heart failure). Better CSI scores for a dealership means better inventory and bonus opportunities, so the importance can’t be overstated.

Accessories can address many of the customer's desires that the vehicle can not.  Active lifestyles require bike or kayak racks. Pet lovers want seat covers and pet access ramps. Utility or work vehicles need protective mats and extra cargo space. Presenting accessories acknowledges those comforts and shows the customer that you want to serve those needs to the best of your abilities.  Better service equals better CSI.

Equally as important, presenting accessories during the wait time for F&I fills that dead time with something enjoyable. 

Ease + quality (times a smart use of time) = stellar CSI. 

Rave Reviews

Imagine these two scenarios. You sell a car to your customer, then stick them in the waiting area for forty-five minutes. They decline all F&I products because the dead time highlighted how long they’ve been there. 

Next, they head to an aftermarket retailer and spend $500 on the racks, mounts, J-hooks, and carriers that would have been easier to get from you. Your email comes through asking for a review, and they give it three stars, saying the experience was fine-ish, although it did take forever. 

Now imagine scenario number two. During the wait time for F&I, you grab your customer a coffee and pull up accessory options for their new car. After recommending a few relevant accessories and adding in a free oil change, you leave them alone to browse. The customer chooses several accessories, rolls them into their monthly payments, and gets an estimated install date. 

Before they go, you introduce them to Joe from service, who will be contacting them about their window tint. When it’s time to come back, they know right where to go. Oil change time rolls around, and they call Joe for their freebie. 

Now we’re building muscle tone. 

Your request for a review comes in, and it’s glowing. The chance that this person will come back, tell a friend, and influence another potential buyer just shot through the roof. 

Insignia Group Can Help

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory selling systems nationwide. Our system and proven process have helped hundreds of dealerships build strength by selling more accessories at the point of sale. Whether you’re bundling custom packages or focusing on the OE catalog,  Insignia Group system will streamline your sales.

We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest digital retailers so customers can be presented with accessories regardless of whether they are in the store or buying online. Ask us if your digital retailer is up and ready to go!

Ready to get started? Contact us today. 

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