Personalizing their vehicle before leaving the dealership

Posted by Mike Pitkowicz on Jan 27, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Realizing that most car shopping begins online, well before contacting a sales professional the dealerships do everything possible to generate showroom traffic.  Once in the store the sales team does everything to make sure the prospect leaves as a new customer!

Most prospects are also trading in the current vehicle...establishing that first hurdle: "what can I get on my trade in?".

Review the trade in for an Accessories Sales opportunity!

Before sending the car for appraisal, take a good look at it. Is it stock? Talk to the prospect about it's personalization. Does it have custom rims, sunroof, audio upgrades, a bed liner, window tint, pin striping, etc.

personalized accessories

It's a lifestyle and personal statement...

Selling them on the trade in value is step one. Finding that next great car is step two...making it personal is step three...then it's off the F&I. Personalizing your customers vehicle with accessories during the point of sale is a great opportunity to ease the transition from the sales department to F&I. Plus, it offers an untapped revenue stream for the dealership AND increased commission for the sales rep!

Why not your dealership?

If they personalized their trade in they will most likely accessorize it again. Many dealerships are now capitalizing by selling OE and aftermarket accessories. Is your team prepared?

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