My sales team can’t sell that... part 2

Posted by Insignia Group on Sep 24, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Recently I was talking with the owner of a dealer group about personalizaation. We talked about his team's desire to sell vehicle personalization across his 17 dealerships.  I talk with so many dealership owners that simply have a tough time motivating their team to sell BEYOND the vehicle. Many--maybe too many--accept this as “the way it is.”

This particular dealer principal's comment was simple: “We all like cars, and we all like the toys and accessories that go on cars. That’s why it’s such a fun business. If you can’t close your people on that, maybe you’re in the wrong business.”

He’s right! Think about it…who’s running the dealership? If you’re sales team shows a lack of interest in selling vehicles, F&I products, vehicle personalization, etc…then maybe THEY are in the wrong business. Perhaps send them to your competition and hire someone that will sell.  Margins are gone and you need a team to follow your lead and sell the products and services you provide. It’s how they get paid, right?

Here are three tips to help you motivate your sales team.

motivate sales people

1.       Incentive to Sell: As a sales manager you should make sure you have a solid compensation plan. Some of our successful dealers offer cash payouts on Fridays. It’s a fun event where sales people exercise their competitive nature. For more information on setting up a compensation plan, check out our blog post on reducing revenue share conflicts.

2.       Training: Many times the challenge in selling accessories is that sales people don't understand how. Some are good at painting the picture and others are not. Some understand how the process works and others don’t. There are many ways to add accessories into your current process. Insignia’s goal is to train dealers on how to do exactly that.

3.       Authority: It’s important just to know that you are the “driver” of the dealership. It’s simple.  You have to enforce your policy on vehicle personalization. Just as F&I is essential to the car buying process so should selling accessories. Make it policy and use the technology to hold the team accountable…after all, it’s your bottom line!


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