How Accessory Savvy Are You?

Posted by Whitney Williams on Oct 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

In honor of the upcoming celebration of all things automotive (more commonly known as SEMA), it’s time to test your knowledge of the kraken that is the accessory industry.

Vehicle personalization, a multi-billion dollar market, is widely untapped. Storefronts selling custom rims, tires, and window tint can exist solely because of dealership’s failure to provide those options to the customer before the customer leaves the showroom. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of profit potential that spans every budget and background? From air freshener to lift kits, there’s something to be sold to everyone who walks in the door.

How savvy are you on the business of vehicle personalization? Test your knowledge with this three-question quiz.



So, how’d you do? Are you as accessory savvy as you thought?



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