Google self-driving car, a blank canvas for accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Jun 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

As most of us endure the monotony of our daily commute, our minds wander to all of the productive things we could be doing with our wasted time.  With the first ever totally autonomous vehicle by Google, which is set to roll out 100 prototypes this summer, "driving" can be a thing of the past.

Google's car will seat two; it does not have a steering wheel, brakes or a gas pedal. It does however come equipped with sensors and software that can detect objects up to 200 yards away. The driver will be armed with a button he or she can push to stop the car in case of emergency.

With a vehicle that comes so modestly equipped the accessories market could provide an abundance of options to personalize not only the look of your car but also its functionality. See below for lifestyle options...custom for your Google self-driving car!

Just imagine logging into your work desktop and starting your morning conference call as your car leads itself down your drive to your destination of choice. College students could do their class work while traveling back home. You and your kids could get a jump-start on their homework, to allow for more family time in the evening. Not sure what to make for dinner? Search for a recipe and forward yourself a shopping list on your way from the office to the store.

With a vehicle designed by a Tech-giant like Google, the technological platform is there for you to stay linked to your home, office, or mobile device, and control it all from your futuristic mobile capsule.

4 simple personalization packages for your lifestyle:

Choose from a variety of accessories grouped to fit your lifestyle. Items could be selected as a package or individually to meet all of your needs.

1. Comfort and Convenience

  • Plush Seats
  • Warming or cooling cup holders
  • Mini fridge
  • Duel power supply for driver and passenger (USB or 12V)
  • Storage systems to both secure and conceal cargo

2. Tech Advantage

  • In-car internet
  • Multiple USB ports for connecting multiple devices
  • Large monitor
  • Upgraded sound system
  • Upgraded processing speeds to allow for multi tasking without loss of speed

3. Business Travel

  • Plush heated and ventilated seating
  • Pull out Desk (Single or Duel)
  • In-car internet
  • Sound and Video Upgrades to allow for seamless conferencing

4. Travel and Entertainment

  • Reclining chairs designed for napping or movie watching
  • Shade system sets the mood for sleeping, movie watching, or playing a game
  • Media player for DVD an USB
  • In-car internet for access to your DVR at home as well as others like Netflix and Hulu

google self driving car

Article written by Renee Herrera


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