Car owners maintain resale value buying these six accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 27, 2015 2:03:09 PM

A recent article in Auto Remarketing listed the top 15 vehicles that owners keep for 10 years. It touted the statistical analysis of over 395,000 used vehicles that were sold by their original owner during the first six months of this year. Collectively these vehicles were 2005 model year and were now being sold in favor of newer models.

According to the article buyers can find strong value in older pre-owned vehicles that are sold by the original owner. These cars tend to be “well-kept and in good condition” and have had regular maintenance and repairs. They are in good overall condition and show no sign of wear or neglect.

Easier said than done……..or is it?

Vehicle condition at any mileage is no secret. It‘s all about maintenance. It begins with following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance intervals published in the owner’s manual and ends in accessorizing the vehicle with products that will make it easier to maintain based on the usage pattern. Here are some of the most basic accessories readily available that help maintain a vehicle’s good condition.

Paint Protectant: There are literally hundreds of paint protectant finishes on the market that range from one time applications with 6 month reapplication intervals to full on clear and decorative vinyl appliques that keep the nose and hood from rock chips and insects.

Windshield Protectant: Much like the protectants that prevent paint chips and keep finishes like new, these state-of-the-art technology products have been developed to provide clear vision through the windshield and windows of the vehicle in all driving conditions. Protective coatings actually fill-in the microscopic peaks and valleys in the glass making it much smoother and resisting mud, snow, ice, and water from sticking. These nanotechnology products are easily applied and even come with warranties.

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Mud Guards: The modern version of the “mud flap” is designed to deflect what the tires kick up from the lower quarter panels on the front and rear of the vehicle. The range of Plus 1 and Plus 2 wheel and tire applications offered today play a large part in increasing the road soot that is blasted on the lower portion of the vehicle while driving. Both OE and aftermarket versions offer contemporary design and correct fitment and in case of permanent damage, can be easily replaced.

Body Side Moldings: Not designed for your father’s Oldsmobile but for the sleek and sculpted look of today’s design, new body side moldings can match the finish of the vehicle or contrast depending on the desired look. They can keep a shopping cart from ruining your spouse’s spree at Macy’s, or help the “less than caring” get out of their vehicle while parked next to you without leaving you a permanent calling card.

Door Edge Guards: Similar in function to the body side molding, these protective “edge caps” are applied to the trailing edge of each door and protect that edge from contacting anything from another vehicle to a lamp post when opened. With parking stalls getting smaller and smaller, this investment will surely provide an increased vehicle experience.

All Weather Floor Mats: It’s easy to see why Weather Tech is successful. They changed the way floor mats work and raised the standard for auto floor coverings everywhere. Vehicle specific, precision cut to fit-to-a “T”, today’s floor mats are one of the most important accessories in protecting the most abused surface in a vehicle – the interior floor. An extension of the floor mat is the cargo mat which provides the same protection to the lining of the trunk floor which arguably could be as abused.

While accessories may not be for everyone however, a few of the basics will go a long way to protect your investment and protect the resale value of your vehicle.

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Source: Top 15 vehicles owners keep for 10 years

Written by Bob Smith, Vehicle Personalization Expert for Insignia Group

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