Apps and automotive technologies of the future

Posted by Insignia Group on Nov 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Microsoft and West Coast Customs know what people fantasize about--how about your dealership? Today’s car enthusiast get excited about three things; cars, technology, and customization via accessories. A few years back, Project Detroit was created to appeal to consumer's love of personalization. Project Detroit is a fantasy 2012 Ford Mustang retro fitted with a 67’ Mustang  Fastback body. (One of the most popular Mustangs manufactured)  The car is loaded with Microsoft technology like the Xbox 360, Windows Phone and a Viper SmartStart app that can start the car using the phone. It’s not just a Gen yers dream but the body style appeals to an older generation as well!

Why would these companies go through the trouble of creating such an extreme vehicle? Easy, because it plants the seed of possibility and desire in the hearts and minds of the consumer. This leads to a stronger demand in your market place. Now the question is when a customer walks in your dealership wanting remote start, back up assist cameras, iPod related accessories and interior LED lights on their new car, are you prepared to not only ask...but also deliver?

project detroit 3

Combine all three and you get Project Detroit

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