5 popular aftermarket accessories and how to sell them

Posted by Insignia Group on May 9, 2013 8:00:00 AM

If you are in a dealership that has an accessories profit center, you already understand the revenue potential. Consumers are constantly looking for ways to personalize everything from electronics like iPads to automobiles. As a result, aftermarket is a billion dollar industry that continues to grow.
New products are popping up everywhere. It’s exciting for the dealership because it means more revenue opportunities. It can also be overwhelming to know how to present them. Here are the 5 most popular aftermarket accessories and word tracks to help you sell!

1.    Katzkin Leather: “I noticed your previous vehicle had leather seats and the model you purchased has cloth interior. We offer a very easy upgrade to leather for your convenience. The installation is backed by factory warranty and the leather seats are easier to clean and will last the life your vehicle.”

katzkin Leather

2.    Webasto Sunroofs: “I understand you wanted the model with the sunroof, but it was not within your desired price range. Our certified technicians can install factory warranty protected sunroof that fits within your budget. It would only increase your monthly payments by a few dollars.”

3. OE Remote Start: “Remote starts are a convenience item that most buyers add to their vehicle. This will allow you to cool your interior in the summer and heat it up in the winter before entering the car.”

4.  Basic Security System: “Your vehicle does not have a factory installed security system.  In today’s society it’s important to have certain safety and security measures in place to protect your investment. We can install a basic security system that is compatible to the  vehicle and does not affect your vehicle warranty”

5.    Zurich Shield Paint and Environment Protection: “We want to help you protect your investment. Things like pollutants and other environmental elements can cause your paint job to look dull before time. Before you leave the dealership we can treat your vehicle with our environmental protection treatment. This will keep your car looking just as good as the day you purchased it.”

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