3 Ways You're Missing Auto Digital Retailing Sales

Posted by Whitney Williams on Oct 12, 2021 10:38:01 AM


The rapid adoption of automotive digital retailing kept the doors open for many stores in 2020. Raking in over $230 billion, experts predict explosive growth in digital retailing throughout the decade. Today, it's more important than ever to outfit your website with advanced digital retailing capabilities to cater to the masses online. Digital retailing is more than pictures of a car and a contact form; it's the ability to buy a car from start to finish online. Dealerships are no longer able to avoid digital retailing if they want to compete in the market. As the industry adapts, dealerships can avoid common mistakes that will affect their DR sales.

3 Ways to Increase Digital Retailing Revenue

Prioritize Accessories

Overlooking accessories or selling them only in the service lane is a big blunder. Ensure that your digital retailer offers access to an accessory selling system so your online shoppers can accessorize at the point of sale. Modern car buyers love to personalize, and a quick explanation of each accessory (what it is and why it's excellent) will impact your bottom line in a significant way! Accessories continue to be a billion-dollar industry and are unaffected by the pandemic—whether they're bought online or in-person. They're just out here being great. Neglecting accessories is a good way to trip and roll downhill. Accessories are the difference between your customer comparing vehicles on a competitor’s site or following through with the transaction on yours because personalization gives the customer the vehicle they really want. 

Embrace Online Car Buying

Dealerships stumble when they're resistant to change. Remember Blockbuster? Whether we're all jazzed about it or not, the future of car buying has taken a different trajectory. Rather than speculating, take a look at the pandemic statistics and fully commit to digital retailing. “Karl” is going to dig his heels in at first, and eventually,

he'll come around. There will always be a Karl. You're only in trouble if Karl is your GM. In pre-pandemic days, about 2% of car sales were done online, and everyone still looked at Carvana with raised brows. That 2% shot up to 30% overnight, and there's no going back. Just like any business endeavor, the only way to do this is to do it with excellence! Be thorough, be committed, train your staff, throw a party—whatever it takes—and don’t forget to buy into digital retailing. 

Dropping the Ball with Online Customer Service

Even the customer who buys online from start to finish will expect stellar customer service. In-person buyers can walk out of the store after looking around, while online shoppers will click away in a matter of seconds. The possibility of missing the sale is much greater, which is why excellent service is paramount! Digital retailing is going to require friendly, trained, and knowledgeable staff ready to live chat. Quick typists are a must. Inside sales representatives must be prepared to answer the phone quickly and walk your online customer through any questions or concerns. The bottom line is, it would be easy to forget about the car buyer you never even saw, and that would be a mistake. Follow up with the online buyer the same as any other, thanking them for their business, asking for the review, and scheduling service promptly. 

Are Your Accessories Sold Through a Digital Retailer?

Insignia Group has partnered with several major digital retailers (CarNow, Roadster, AutoFi, and more) to connect accessory sales to the customer's online shopping experience. Our innovative technology will save your parts manager's mental health with the ability to manage labor rates, pricing, inventory, and accessory packages in one location. That means hours upon hours of manually updating your digital retailing system, salvaged. In addition, ensuring your showroom and online pricing are synched gives every customer the same experience regardless of how they shop with you. This is important because online shoppers are savvy, well researched, and quick to notice a discrepancy. So connecting your digital retailer with your digital accessory system makes sense! 

Contact us today for a demo of our system and see how easy it is.ordering-services-online-buying-and-paying-with-mo-FP9WBGM


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