How to Use Insignia Group with Your Digital Retailer

Posted by Whitney Williams on Aug 22, 2022 3:22:11 PM


Despite the pandemic, a chip shortage, and inflation, the car business didn't shut down…completely. Instead, customers took to the internet to buy their cars, and dealerships adapted to meet that need. 

Now, we all know vehicle personalization is big business and an integral part of the car buying process that dealerships can't afford to leave it up for grabs. The importance of a customer's ability to buy an accessorized car online continues to grow, and Insignia Group has adapted to that need. 

Your digital retailing platform made online car buying happen. Ideally, your platform would also display all the accessories available for the customer's vehicle, enabling them to see the accessories on their actual vehicle and show the dealer's installed vs. uninstalled pricing. 

We like ideals. 

Insignia Group's API is poised to plug into your existing digital retailer—making you more money and producing happier customers! 

We're rolling out partnerships with these APIs and will continue to add to the list throughout 2022-23. Dealers who utilize one of the following digital retailers will notice your website will look a bit different as accessories are marketed to your online customers. The online buying process will include the ability to buy accessories along with the vehicle. In addition, customers of these digital retailers and Insignia Group can fully customize their accessory catalog pricing, ensuring that it mirrors showroom or service drive pricing instead of showing MSRP without installation. 

  • Carzato
  • DealerOn
  • Upstart
  • Roadster
  • Asbury Auto
  • Dealer Inspire
  • Gubagoo
  • Carzato

How Dealerships Can Boost Accessory Sales

A whopping 90% of consumers buy at least one accessory when they buy a car. So never assume that customers know they can buy those accessories from you instead of ordering off Amazon later!

Having accessories as a routine part of online car shopping means customers are presented with accessories every time they do online research or actually buy the car. The more times you get those accessories in front of your prospect from your store, the more business you close. 

It's more than just a sales numbers game; it's education and customer service as well. Deliver what the customer ultimately wants, and you've got more front-end gross and higher CSI scores. 

If your customer doesn't end up purchasing online (or your dealership isn't set up for fully online sales), you still introduce possible personalization options during the research phase. That gives your salesperson a leg up on an already straightforward pitch. Did you know customers are 60% less likely to object to an accessory presentation? Customers already want these items, and you're providing them with warranties and the ability to finance. 

Promoting accessories online will help your sales manager too. The customer who starts online is already fully aware that they can accessorize their car, which holds your sales staff accountable. Encourage your salespeople with the popularity of accessories, high demand, and the customer's newfound ability to personalize online. Those incentives for accessory sales just got even easier to get.  

How Auto Dealerships Can Boost Revenue 

Position your store to boost revenue by proactively getting the Insignia Group system in place. You'll be acclimated and ready to start selling when your digital retailer rolls out the new accessory sales process. Although those without our system will still have accessories sold through their digital retailer, they will be sold at MSRP and with OE standard for labor rates.

Dealerships with the Insignia Group system can input their labor rates, pricing markups, and any aftermarket or unique product information (if your OEM doesn't have MSRP). That will make your pricing and products the same, in-store or online. Make your life easier and prevent the misfortune of eating installation costs or losing cash when the wrong accessory is ordered.  

Another great way to sell more accessories is by bundling! Insignia Group allows you to create custom packages to appeal to your customer base. Whether it's OE, aftermarket, dealership merchandise, or a combination of all three—bundles are a proven way to move more products and make more money!

If you're unfamiliar with selling accessories and hesitant to go all in, we've got good news—ROI is a very low-risk factor. You'd have to abandon the system altogether to lose money effectively. Dealerships using the Insignia Group system average an ROI of 150% in their first year while increasing to 200%+ in year two and beyond.

Not an Insignia Group Customer?

Wondering if your digital retailer is partnering with us or are you interested in becoming an Insignia Group customer? We're here to help. Reach out to us to discuss your digital retailer, launch dates, and how to get set up, so you're ready to roll. We look forward to talking with you!

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