3 Ways To Maximize Your Accessory Sales This Black Friday

Posted by Whitney Williams on Nov 28, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The stampede is coming, and they want a popcorn machine. It’s the Black Friday crowd. It’s the end-of-the-year-gimme-the-best-deal-been-waiting-since-summer shoppers. Yes, the opportunists are pitching their tents for Black Friday eve, ready to kick this thing off with new car smells. Better be stocked (the people are hungry), prepped (the people are researched) and strategic (the people leave reviews online). Make this car shopping season spark joy with mega profit potential, stellar CSI scores, and repeat business. And seriously — popcorn machine. 


In all the activity, don’t let Vehicle Personalization get lost. You cut your legs out from under yourself when you rush past accessories. The mad house is the ideal environment for accessory sales, and can even be used to taper the flow throughout your dealership. Here’s 3 things Vehicle Personalization can do in the hustle and bustle.

Holiday Video

1.Deck the halls to promote personalization | 

Everyone knows that Black Friday is just another name for the inception of Christmas countdown. Think of those vehicles on your showroom floor like Christmas trees...would you leave them bare? Fully decorate for your crowd by preloading tasteful touches; sleek upgrades; and full blown crazy in order to dazzle your deal-seekers. Give them one of a kind vehicles that they can’t get anywhere else! Showcase appearance, lifestyle and convenience upgrades that peak your customer’s curiosity, then use their favorites to deliver a Holiday purchase they won’t forget.  

vw concord waiting area

2.Make shopping for accessories a time filler for F&I | 

This is where you build weary shoppers up with rest, sustenance and personalization. It’s been a long car buying process and a large, mentally taxing decision. Now take the pressure off with hot drinks, toys for the kids to play with, and a shopping process for all the goodies they want to add. Don’t forget the popcorn. Flip the waiting time from the worst part of the day, to the best—and watch the check-ins, tweets, and 5 star reviews roll in. Give your customers a nudge by placing a sign at your coffee station—“Take a selfie in our store and tag us with #blackfriYAY. We’ll choose one lucky shopper to receive free oil changes for a year!”

Accessory wall 2

3.Roll accessories in to financing and stretch the holiday budget |

‘Tis the season to stretch the dollar as we all take on a few extra expenditures. Accessories are a multi-billion dollar industry, which is proof enough that your customer is spending money on personalization. The only question is, are they buying it from you or elsewhere? Keep it in house this holiday season by promoting the money saving benefit of rolling accessory purchases into F&I. Manageable monthly payments means more cash for your holiday giving, gifting, and going. 

What’s your dealership’s plan for Black Friday? Share your ideas in the comments.

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