3 reasons delivery coordinators influence your CSI scores

Posted by Insignia Group on Jan 5, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Your delivery coordinator is the resource who will help your customers through the delivery process, impacting your CSI scores tremendously. This person will work hand in hand with customers to make sure they leave completely satisfied.  In some cases they can be the only face to face contact they have throughout the entire car buying process. It’s important to make sure that the last impression a customer receives is positive and long lasting. Here are three reasons delivery coordinators effect CSI and how they can create a positive experience for your customers.

1. The “We-Owe” Process: Some dealers also call it “PDI” or a “Get Ready” item. But when your customer is looking for a full tank of gas or for you to fix that ding in the driver side door; it’s simply customer satisfaction. And, before the delivery coordinator hands them the keys they should make sure it’s done. Many rely on a paper based system to communicate the “We-Owe”. But all too easily the paper is lost. To help your delivery coordinator stay on top of this process many dealerCSI delivery coordinatorships are now investing in an electronic “We-Owe” system. While the customer is still with the sales person these request can be submitted electronically and all parties are conveniently notified by email. This way they never miss this important step in customer service.

2. Vehicle Personalization: Once a customer has experienced the excitement of personalizing their vehicle, nothing is more frustrating for them than to receive the vehicle without the accessories installed. It’s as if you gave them the wrong car. Your Delivery Coordinator can serve as one last safety measure to ensure that the accessories are installed. Research shows that people who accessorize their vehicle have increased levels of satisfaction. So, your delivery coordinator keeps this process in check! Are they adding satellite radio or GPS? Here’s an easy idea with a WOW factor. During the electronic “We-Owe” process the sales consultant can add the customer’s favorite radio station or home location in the notes. The delivery coordinator is copied on this information and can set the customer’s car and GPS.

3. Follow Up: In the event that there is a problem, the customer should feel they can communicate this to the delivery coordinator and it be corrected as soon as possible. The delivery coordinator is not just the person that passes off the keys. And the customer shouldn’t need an organizational chart to know who to call. The delivery coordinator should be trained to use a set course of follow up action…even if it’s a simple “thanks for your business”.

A great process will turn a good experience to awesome! Learn more about a vehicle personalization sales process to improve your CSI scores.

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