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Pinterest represents a great way to share photographs and collections of interesting objects online. Bookmarked pins and collections can be assembled through the social network, which can also be used as an app on iPads and iPhones. Many businesses use this platform as a way to allow customers to do some virtual window shopping. It’s also used as a way to spread ideas about how their products can be used by the buyer, and it’s a free form of advertising.
Can the craft heavy Pinterest work for selling automotive accessories? What is it about the visual side of the website that makes it appealing to dealers and aftermarket companies? The following list suggests some ways in which Pinterest can be used of to sell vehicle personalization.


1 - Standing Out From the Crowd

23% of car buyers said that the availability of automotive accessories influenced their decision of what dealers to buy a car from. According to, Pinterest had 4 million visitors a day in March 2012. With that many people using this form of social media, there are sure to be many searching for car accessories. You want to make sure you stand out to the users who are searching for you. This means that you use the site as a way to provide interesting photographs in a colorful format - personalization advertised can include unique customized parts, rims, and examples of lighting car accessories, from LED interior lights to LED lit OEM emblems and more.

2 - Community Building

Good CSI is a major concern for all dealers. You are constantly working to make it as close to perfect as possible. But, many forget the online community you build with your customers can have an effect on your CSI as well. Pinterest can be used to build a community of your most loyal customers dedicated to your dealership and your accessories profit center. You can use pin boards to market your store brand, vehicle models, or a particular accessory you specialize in. This can be supported through comments sections and groups that discuss and trade information on your dealership, your personnel, vehicles, and personalization options.

3 - Specialist Selling

One of the main strengths of this site is the ability to sell to specialist audiences. The Pinterest brand can be used to find audiences through keywords around specific accessories and vehicles. Emphasize picking the right keywords, and using tags to draw people to content. If you're a Ford dealer who sells OE Ford accessories you can specifically target loyal Ford buyers who are likely to customize their Ford Mustang with Ford customization.

4 - Virtual Storefront

Many companies use Pinterest as a virtual storefront, whereby they focus on creating attractive combinations of items that can grab attention. Putting your best accessories and parts on a page, and then allowing people to click through to a landing page for purchase can help convert sales.

5 – Planting Seeds

Pinterest plants seeds of ideas, showing your customers what can be done with accessories. Be creative with before and after pre-loaded vehicles.

6 - Ties into Other Social Platform Promoting More Services

Pinterest can act as just one link in cross promoting vehicles and vehicle personalization through a Facebook page, a main website, and a Twitter feed, providing the visual focus for marketing key items such as special accessories promotions.

7 - Set Up ‘Best Of’ and Themed Lists

Another strength of Pinterest is the ability to curate ‘best of’ lists and themed collections of different items. Doing so can get customers and prospects talking about your page, and can start discussions about lists created by your dealership.

8 - Looking at Examples

Look at other examples on Pinterest for how accessories are sold. DarCars Automotive Group is a good example of themes. Their board titled “Road Trips” pins unique ideas, crafts and car accessories that can be useful during a road trip.

9 - Linking Away from Accessories

Accessories or parts can be just one part of a page and collections that you set up. Putting them into the context of car culture through vintage pictures and other photographs can help to your appeal and exposure across other sites. Someone could discover a link to your Pinterest on sites that are related to the topic.

10 - Make it Simple

One of the most important things to remember with Pinterest is to keep things simple in terms of providing concise information, and taking photographs that will best showcase your options for personalization.

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Tristan is a car enthusiast and a regular blogger within the automotive and travel industry. Currently, Tristan is working with Inchcape Lexus, promoting used cars within the UK.


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