Word Tracks: A Proven Method for Selling Accessories

Posted by Insignia Group on Apr 9, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Every successful sales organization uses word tracks, sometimes called sales scripts. Talking off the cuff is chaotic, and may lead to a “Tommy Boy”-esque presentation of awkwardness. Strategic word tracks train new employees to sell with confidence. They can aid in transitions and overcome objections that might otherwise derail a sale. Insignia Group has years of experience with a multitude of dealerships covering nearly every brand. From mega-dealer groups to small family-owned stores, the need for word tracks is common in all stores. Over the years, this best practice tip has been refined by trial and error. Dealerships that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in accessory sales use sales scripts every day. Insignia Group alone has dealerships doing a million dollars or more, a year, by selling accessories at the point of sale. 

Word tracks are more than a canned word-for-word script. Treating a customer robotically is never good advice. Any good sales consultant understands the benefit of active listening. Understanding your customer's dominant buying motives will guide the conversation. Word tracks for a lead-in product create smooth transitions from car-buying to accessorizing. Word tracks help sell around objections and close sales. Have you ever heard the saying "good actors don't have to act"? In the same way, sales consultants don't need to step into Academy Award-winning roles. Although word tracks are pre-determined, memorized "lines" —they never negate real conversation. They simply support and guide it. To make it clear, consultants who listen well and employ word tracks sell more accessories.

Create Your Own Sales Script

To get great results with word tracks, make sure you cover these bases:

  • Thorough training: Word tracks should feel like second nature.
  • Excellent listening skills: Listen more than you talk.
  • Reiterate your customer's needs back to them: Get them saying yes.
  • Know your product: Use word tracks to show your inside and out expertise.

Dealership Sales Word Track (Script) Example

"I think you made the perfect choice in your new, white [insert vehicle brand]. I know you're excited about the leather seats because they are easy to clean when people get in and out. In my experience, the people who want leather seats for their vehicle also typically get all weather floor mats to protect the floor. Let's go ahead and get you registered for your first free oil change in our system. Then I can show you how we can protect your leather seats from fading prematurely and we can figure out how to keep your car looking brand new for years to the amount of only a few dollars a month."

Word tracks are a step that can't be overlooked amongst the hustle and bustle of the dealership. Make sure your staff is trained to sell with excellence at every transaction.

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