3 Ways to Sell More Accessories at the Point of Sale

Posted by Insignia Group on Mar 6, 2024 3:40:18 PM
Configurator on the Insignia Group system

In today’s dynamic automotive industry, car dealerships are no longer only about selling vehicles; they’re the gateway to an experience and avenue of self-expression. 

Enhancing the car buying experience with accessories isn’t a secret sauce. It’s a proven process, and anybody can do it. Drivers crave a vehicle that integrates with their lifestyle, offering cutting-edge features that go beyond the ordinary. Car dealerships have a golden opportunity to cater to this demand by strategically presenting and selling accessories. The truth is, if dealerships don’t meet the demand, customers will seek out aftermarket accessories somewhere else. 

Use these three strategies to ensure that every customer drives off with a uniquely tailored vehicle while your dealership earns five-star reviews, repeat business, boosted CSI scores, and added profit!

1. Create an Accessories Area
Dealerships that are successful at selling accessories integrate them into the very fabric of the store. Interactive showroom displays and comfortable accessory shopping areas invite customers to consider the possibilities of Vehicle Personalization. The Insignia Group Accessories Selling System allows dealers to present accessories with cutting-edge 3D configurators, connecting the customer to their new purchase with visualization. This hands-on approach can be more persuasive than simply listing features on paper. Present accessories at the point of sale during wait time for F&I and ensure that the customer has a comfortable environment to sit and shop, away from the hustle and bustle of the sales floor. 

2. Bundle Accessories Into Packages
Dealers who utilize the Insignia Group Accessory Selling System can create custom packages to move more products and entice customers. These bundles can be tailored to suit different customer preferences, such as: 

  • a technology package (including navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.)
  • a safety package (with features like parking sensors and backup cameras) 
  • a comfort package (upgraded seats, interior enhancements, etc.). 

Dealers might also consider brand—or lifestyle-specific packages. Offering these packages at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each accessory individually can incentivize customers to choose the bundled options.

3. Personalized Recommendations
Personalized consultations with knowledgeable salespeople can significantly increase accessory sales. Train salespeople to take mental notes of the customer’s lifestyle, needs, and desires throughout the car buying process so they can make informed recommendations about accessories to complement the vehicle. This personalized approach builds trust and highlights the accessory’s value in enhancing the overall driving experience while filling the wait time before F&I. Always start with a lead-in product to get the customer in the buying mode, then move into four customer-specific recommendations.

Use these three tips to start presenting and selling accessories at the point of sale today, and stop leaving money on the table. 

Insignia Group Can Help
For more than twenty years, Insignia Group has been the leading provider of digital accessory-selling systems in dealerships nationwide. Our sleek interface allows dealerships to create profitable accessory programs at the point of sale. Dealers using the Insignia Group Accessories Selling System can bundle accessories into custom packages, feature hot-selling accessories, process orders, and more. In addition, our integration with major digital retailers covers all your bases and allows for a seamless transition when customers decide to come into the store. 
Schedule a demo with us to see how our system can help you sell more accessories at the point of sale.

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