The Top 3 Places To Link Your Accessory Site

Posted by Whitney Williams on May 21, 2020 4:00:00 PM

As dealers across the nation adjust to selling vehicles online, it’s imperative that we don’t skip vehicle personalization. The easiest way to ensure customers and salespeople have a fair shot at a perfectly adorned vehicle is to make your accessory link easy to find. Trip and fall over it easy. “There it is again” easy. “I didn’t find the link, the link found me” kind of easy. When you strategically place your personalization link, you make your salesperson’s life easier, and your customer more likely to buy. 


Maximum exposure is the name of the game. Whether you have the site embedded into the page, or linked  to launch elsewhere, the best practice is to utilize all three of the following areas. 

    1. Shopping tools | Depending on your website provider, you may also have a similar section called “specials and tools”. This is a common landing place for prospective buyers that are browsing online, and definitely the ideal location to “start at the trade” with personalization. 
    2. Service and parts | If your website breaks down service and parts into two separate sections, place the link doubly. Capture established customers looking for maintenance or replacement parts with the option to add accessories. Drivers are buying accessories at every stage of the life of the vehicle. The only question is whether or not they’re buying from you. 
    3. New and used inventory | Though commonly overlooked as a tab to link accessories, it just makes sense to promote personalization here. Customers are likely to start in one of two places--specials or inventory--so cover both. Enable customers to find a car and make it uniquely their own without bouncing around the site. 


Contact your dealer site host or IT professional and ask them to get your accessory website in all of the aforementioned places. Now is the time to cover those bases as online shopping is more prevalent than ever before. 

Bonus Tip:

While you’re at it, shoot an email to your marketing team and make sure your accessory link is included in all follow-up communication to your prospects and customers. Whether it’s to say thank you, follow up with a customer satisfaction survey, ask for a review, or circle back on a lead, there’s always a place to offer personalization that enhances the vehicle in a number of ways.

Pepper social media and email blasts with the link, too. Accessories are like toilet paper during a global pandemic. They just sell themselves--as long as they’re made available. 

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