Technology Accessory Upgrades for Used Cars

Posted by Whitney Williams on Sep 16, 2021 4:43:33 PM


The automotive industry had one of the most striking yo-yo effects, from the onset of the pandemic to today. First, Covid shocked the globe and shut dealerships doors, causing everyone to fret about the industry's future. Today, we're navigating chip shortages and selling units for more money than we were before the virus. In a fascinating turn of events, used cars are increasingly harder to come by, new vehicles are selling like Black Friday specials, and inflation is staggering. With no end to the chip shortage in sight, dealers are progressively focused on moving used vehicles. Through the use of technology upgrades, you can create the vehicle your customer really wants—regardless of inventory. You'll give any old vehicle a serious makeover, create a satisfied customer, and turn a profit without overcharging. 

Training your sales staff on OE and Aftermarket technology accessories for used cars will set them up for success. Then, when that next customer comes in looking for something you don't have (and probably can't get), you'll be able to redirect them to something on your lot with the ability to become what they need. 

Technology Accessories for Any Old Car

Plenty of technology accessories today will work with many older cars. So if all you've got to work with is a 2015 model, deck it out until it can sit at the table with the 2021 vehicles. Resourcefulness is king. 

Backup Camera

These days, a backup camera is required in new vehicles, making it an excellent lead-in product to the accessory presentation. Explain to your customers that backup cameras range from basic to advanced, making them affordable for all budgets. More importantly, since they're a required feature today, you can pitch them as a necessary safety asset for your customer's older vehicle. 

Digital Multimedia Receiver

Take a 2005 model with a cassette player and transform it to reflect a touchscreen display, with smartphone integration. Ranging from expensive to more expensive, you'll have to gauge the customer to see how modern you need to go. Considering this upgrade will keep the driver off their phone, you can also pitch it as a safety accessory. 

Amazon Echo Auto

One of the best things about technology is convenience. Since this portable echo plugs into the 12-volt cigarette lighter, most older cars can easily take advantage. With an affordable little addition like this, your customer can hop in the car and dictate a shopping list, check the game's score, or find out what makes a rainbow (without being distracted by their phone). 

Blind-Spot Detection System

Radar sensors—with literally no installation (tape 'em on)—create an instant blind spot monitoring system in any older car. This safety tech will prevent the customer from changing lanes on top of someone or backing into something. When rolled into F&I, it's a highly affordable and sensible way to bring an older model up to date. 

Remote Start

Albeit a simple accessory, remote starters make people happy. It's a nice touch on an older car, which provides comfort and convenience previously reserved for newer models. With so many perks and affordability, when rolled in with F&I, it makes for a great lead-in product. If you live in a colder climate, it's a no-brainer as we head into the fall and winter months. 

Make Technology Sales Easy

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory platforms. Make selling accessories easy and fun with our system that provides cross-departmental communication and customer follow-ups a breeze. With our highly skilled consultants, we'll develop a custom accessory sales process for your store and provide ongoing training to make accessories a natural part of the car sale. Whether you're currently focusing on Aftermarket or OE accessories, we believe there's truly an upgrade for every customer, every time. So put more money in your pocket and create more satisfied customers with technology accessories on older models this year.

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