The Perfect Road Trip Accessories

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jun 11, 2021 3:17:05 PM


Release the people!

Not all who wander are lost. This summer is destined to be different than the last. After a year of Vitamin D deficiency and social isolation, America is ready for a vacation like never before. Couple those summer road trips with the new trend of living out of a van, and you’ve got an explosion of accessory options. These fabulous summer accessories are especially well suited for anyone with wanderlust. Here comes the sun, and it’s breaking the ceiling on your Vehicle Personalization sales this month. *Cheers*

The Road Trip Accessories Everyone Needs

Car headrest tablet holder | What a beautiful thing for a long trip and honestly should come standard on any minivan. Since it doesn’t, why not add the profit to your pocket on this one? If they don’t get it from you, they’ll get it somewhere. Ever rode somewhere with a four-year-old? Summer road trips mean movies all the way to the beach. 

Leather seats | It’s hardly an upgraded look. Leather seats can be a comfort and a convenience, particularly when they have a cooling option. Upgraded leather makes for easier clean-up with a quick wipe down. On the other hand, cloth absorbs more moisture, sand, dog hair, or goldfish crackers crushed into a million pieces. It’s a matter of wiping down versus vacuuming and shampooing.

All-weather mats | If you don’t add these to every vehicle, what are you even doing? Perhaps one of the easiest personalization options, all-weather mats are a great lead-in product for summer accessories. They’re affordable, they’re straightforward, and they’re made for sandy shoes. If your customer is more of a cross country road tripper, they’ll appreciate all-weather mats when they trek in from exploring those red dirt roads. 

Upgraded sound system |  The Boys of Summer is still a classic. Paint your customer this picture: You’re driving down the road in your new car. The windows are down, the wind is in your hair. Your perfect playlist….plays softly in the background? Get out. Turn it all the way up with the latest sound system and live your life. *Adds to cart*. 

Off-road tires | That #VanLife is a perfect candidate for specialty tires. Your customer can’t have a proper adventure in nature without the right kind of tires. The best excursion ever could quickly turn into the worst for car buyers who bypass this upgrade. 

Emergency kits | While moms are probably keeping most of these supplies in their purse, not everyone is as hyper-vigilant. These are an excellent accessory for every customer because accidents happen. An emergency kit is a basic need when you’re far from home on vacation or living on the open road. Point out that it’s more convenient and cost-efficient to purchase a pre-made kit rather than piecing one together yourself if you even get around to it. 

Cargo organizer | Cargo organizers don’t discriminate; they’re perfect for everyone. Attack your customer’s character by questioning their packing abilities. (I’m kidding. Don’t.) The bottom line is, don’t pack like a teenager leaving for college, even if you are actually a teenager leaving for college. Loose items rolling around may never be found. 

Roof rack with container | Large family? Roof racks with containers will free up the cabin for a more comfortable ride to Disney World. They’re also great for anyone living on wheels who’d like an open concept. Roof racks, in general, appeal to your everyday adventurer or anyone who hopes to be. Roof racks are a status symbol. 

Portable car battery jump starter | A lesser-known, fabulous accessory that every woman should know about. Driving alone or through the night? A dead battery is every woman’s worst dream. Make sure your customers know about this gem, allowing you to jump-start your own car and get moving again. 

Inflatable car bed | Drowsy driving is serious and more common than you might think. While it may not benefit somebody in a Prius, your customer in a van, truck, or SUV could benefit from turning the back seat into a cozy bed. Why not spend a night under the stars in the truck bed this summer? What could happen besides the mosquitoes, humidity, criminals, wild animals, and unpredictable elements? #GetOutside

GPS (LoJack) | Look, everybody loses their car sometimes. If your customer is spending any time at all in an expansive parking lot this summer (looking at you, festival-goers), a GPS tracking system is a great buy. In the unlikely event that the car is stolen, your customer will probably come back and kiss you if you sold them this accessory. It’s also a great piece of mind for parents. 

Mini cooler | Perfect for picnics, camping, traveling, and beach days; this accessory could inspire your customers to go on an adventure. By simply plugging this into the car’s cigarette lighter, customers can keep medication, drinks, food, aloe vera, teething rings, skincare, makeup, and a slew of other items cool. Life simplified. 

All of these accessories are excellent ways to open up the conversation of accessories to your customers. While not every dealership will be selling a mini cooler for the car, talking about the advantages of having one could lead them to tell you about their planned back vacation this summer. You might want to mention that anyone going to the beach needs all-weather mats and a cargo organizer to keep that sand from traveling all over the car. Easy sale.

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