Fixed Operations Accessory Promotions

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jul 26, 2021 11:03:32 AM


You can’t neglect fixed ops. Technically, you could, and you’d probably end up crying in the parking lot while they turn your dealership into a Costco. Fixed ops departments are carrying the store these days, so they deserve the same ongoing training and attention that the sales department receives. They probably deserve more attention than the front of the house—and donuts.

In 2020, service orders dipped only for a few months, returning to pre-pandemic levels by July. On top of that, customer satisfaction increased. Compare that to what we got hit within the sales department (the lowest sales since the economic crisis in 2012) and the numbers speak for themselves. Service swims when sales float. The variable in the showroom is too high. Turn the back of the house into a revenue machine with a steady flow of accessory and service packages from the sales floor to the service department. 

Invest in Fixed Ops With Package Deals

Accessories undeniably increase front-end gross in a dealership. Although, there are still opportunities to beef up service profit through the same avenue. Custom packages are hugely popular since they can be tweaked to fit the season, your clientele, and your current focus. Why not tie in service to those accessory packages to set the customer up for multiple touchpoints in your store? Take a look at some of these packages and promotions to see what you can glean for your own store. 

  • Lead-in product | First oil change free. (lead into the accessory presentation by registering your customer for this free service)
  • Tires and alignment | 20% off wheel alignments and free rotation for life with the purchase of new off-road tires (available only at the time of purchase).
  • Outdoor package with maintenance | Get 3 free oil changes with the purchase of a roof rack.
  • Convenience and care | Add a remote start and get 10% off a tune-up within the first year.
  • Windows and wipers | One-time wiper blade replacement when you tint your windows (at the time of vehicle purchase).
  • Cool and clean | Free detailing service within 6 months of purchase when you upgrade to leather seats.

Custom packages are a great way to add profit to sales and service. Presenting accessories at the point of sale is always recommended, and don’t be afraid to advertise your packages online. Promote the best deals on your website banner, social media platforms, and via email blasts to draw in prospective customers and previous buyers. 

Insignia Group Connects Variable Ops with Fixed Ops

Sales and service are in a committed long-term relationship, and the foundation of any healthy relationship is communication. When you use a digital accessory selling system to process your orders, cross-departmental communication thrives. Service can keep track of new installs (without the chaos that piles of paperwork bring), the customer is looped in on the timeline, and order reigns supreme. Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory systems and we’ll delight your service manager with an abundance of ease and information. With labor rates included in the price and configurators that show the end result (of an installed accessory), we’ll prevent Service from catching heat after the sale. Custom package builders appeal to more buyers, helping the back of the house meet the parts quota. Before COVID hit, nearly $100M in accessories was being processed through our system from dealerships across the nation each year. After a lackluster year in 2020, those numbers are achievable again this year and beyond. Contact us today to talk to one of our expert consultants and get in on the action.