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Posted by Whitney Williams on Mar 21, 2022 12:17:53 PM

Parts Dpt Dogs

18 Adorable Instances of Puppies in the Parts Department 

Puppies riding along to get the car serviced is a thing. 

Where do they lounge while the oil gets changed? The parts department, of course. In some dealerships, customers dropping their pooch by the parts counter is a regular part of the day. Other stores let employee pets come in too. 

They’re terrible workers—though they do make the day a bit brighter. Enjoy these adorable instances of pups in the parts department.

  1. The look Jake gives when he had to come in and update inventory on his day #1
  2. That one time mom thought a little drop-off would be good for Munch’s social skills but he was totally unsure about the whole thing. dog #2
  3. Michael thinks they keep it way too cold behind the counter and wishes he’d brought socks, but this stupid chair will do. dog #3
  4. That time Willow took refuge on the boss’ desk because the world is scary. dog #4
  5. Salvador strolled in on a Monday with a positive outlook on life. dog #5
  6. The service department was a little backed up, but Maybelline is a woman of great patience. dog #6
  7. Dave doesn’t believe in casual Fridays. dog tie
  8. That one time a baby wolf wandered away from its pack and ended up at a CDJR store. dog #7
  9. Pip watched one YouTube video and now she shows up thinking she can change a tire. dog #8
  10. Sausage is a whole #mood. Just step over, please. dog #9
  11. Lucy can have any snack she wants with those eyes. dog #10
  12. Paul has been greeting guests in the parts department since 2007. He says it keeps him young. dog #11
  13. Fred wants to know if there’s an essential oil diffuser somewhere to cover up that motor oil smell because he can’t even. dog #12
  14. Rico was confused about how he ended up in this position but believes in going with the flow. dog #13
  15. Fiona’s humans have a new baby at home, so she has to catch a nap where she can. This is fine. dog #15
  16. Ladies and gents of the dealership, I give you Myrtle and Walter in all their glory. dog #16
  17. Cinnamon says, “studies show mid-day naps boost productivity, and don’t forget to pet me when you walk by”. dog #17
  18. *Conveniently wakes up at lunchtime* dog #18Special shout out to the Facebook group "The Parts Department, Where the Magic Happens" for volunteering some pictures of the pups!

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