Do Customers Really Want Electric Vehicles?

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jan 15, 2021 4:32:14 PM


The short answer is yes—in due time.

The need for more commonplace electric vehicles is growing. In some areas of the world, cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions is reaching critical importance. China and India are already visiting the need for electric buses, because air quality stays consistently in a dangerous range. Collectively, we're all concerned about global warming and increasingly so. Today, revamping the way the world drives isn't priority number one, and that’s not to say it isn’t in the back of everyone's mind

Although electric cars were once reserved for concerned environmentalists, times are changing. The number of everyday consumers who want to further their knowledge about driving a car you plug in to fuel it increases by the day. 

Consumer Reports found while most people don't quite understand electric vehicles, it's not from a lack of interest. Almost 70% of those surveyed said, "I've heard of plug-in EVs but don't know much about them." Still, 7 out of 10 American drivers are interested in getting an electric vehicle in the future, according to the December 2020 Consumer Report. 

There's definitely a cool factor surrounding electric vehicles. They're still mysterious and different, so they're intriguing. Though formerly only available in a hatchback model, the range is widening. As it stands, availability for all isn't there yet. Price-wise, an electric vehicle isn't on your average customer's radar. Style and size come into play. CR reported that 7 in 10 respondents cited a need for electric SUVs, pickups, and more. Convenience is a deterrent right now as well. In rural areas, for example, there aren't any charging stations. Forbes said it best by explaining that "a lot of American's won't buy an EV until they see a massive charging station at every major interstate, right next to Wendy’s." 

Consumers don't want to make the leap with a vehicle without some understanding. The how, where, and when of driving an EV is still not well grasped. Switching from gas pump to charging station means mapping out the driving route like never before to prevent getting stranded. Most won't deny the growing need to overhaul the way we drive for the sake of our environment. Still, the reality of electric cars on every road is a ways away. Some experts predict we'll all be in electric vehicles by 2040. In 2020 already, California Gov. Gavin Newsom passed an executive order stating only zero-emission vehicles will be sold in the state after 2035, effectively banning gas-powered vehicle sales.  

What Insignia Group Thinks

Insignia Group is aware of the EV phenomenon and watching to see how it ripens in the future. At present, with the need for digital retailing burning in front of us like a growing flame, it's all hands on deck. 

One unpredictable day when the emergency has passed, we'll be highly interested in the excitement of EV. Millennials are the second-highest market for electric vehicles. They also install accessories "at a 42% higher rate and spend 61% more on accessories," according to Foresight. Those are some promising numbers when you look forward to cutting edge accessories for electric vehicles. 

As far as the experience, it's a major step up. Electric vehicles do have their advantages. They provide a silent and easier driving experience. They accelerate more quickly, and maintenance is low. The possibilities here are endless. EVs have the opportunity to grow an already massive Vehicle Personalization industry. 

What do you think? Will you turn your attention to electric vehicles when the dust settles? Change is always coming. As far as we're concerned, this is one we will embrace with open arms. Charge Ahead!

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