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Posted by Insignia Group on Nov 22, 2022 11:10:08 AM

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The “due bill,” or We-Owe, originated from a need to protect both dealerships and customers from making false claims on a car sale.

Years ago the industry had a less-than-savory reputation for swindling people out of their hard-earned money. Sometimes, dealers would sell less than road-worthy cars for a premium price, only for the vehicle to break down on the new owner. 

A “he said/she said” scenario was born, with dealerships making promises and later backing out of them. With no proof of prior conversations, the customer found themselves with a lemon and no money.

The reverse was also true. An honest dealer sells a car to a consumer, who later returns claiming the new scratch on the door was there at the time of purchase.

Thankfully times have changed, and the We-Owe has helped improve dealer reputation. 

The Evolution of the We-Owe

Tom Toms, dial-up internet, and floppy discs were modern at one time, yet they’re of little use today. Times change and technology does too. The paper We-Owe is the same. We still need it to serve its purpose, just like we still need navigation and internet access. It just looks different in 2022, or at least it should. 

Effectively protecting the dealership’s interest and providing that same comfort for your client, We-Owes save time while eliminating confusion for all involved. Why risk losing such an important document? Paperwork gets lost or accidentally thrown out, accumulates coffee spills, or creates a mountain of backlog. 

It’s time to bury the paper We-Owe for good.

Documenting for the Good of All

In the digital age, losing a We-Owe or relying on trust and memory alone is a thing of the past. We-Owe documents ensure no one is being taken advantage of and are a critical step in the car-buying process. Even notating that nothing is owed can’t be overlooked. Simply documenting “car sold as is, nothing promised” and keeping that signed copy in the deal jacket (along with a digital version) will prevent future headaches for both parties. 

The electronic We-Owe serves as legal protection as well. The best practice is to utilize a digital We-Owe that can’t be misplaced or forgotten. And digital documents are easier to share between parts, sales, service, and the customer.

Using We-Owes To Make Sales

As a best practice tip, Insignia Group also recommends using one of your necessities, the We-Owe, as an easy, low-pressure lead into personalization.

Lead In

Explaining what is (or isn’t) owed to the customer as you register them into the system creates a relaxed environment. Simply enter notes into the electronic We-Owe and add that guarantee to the cart. 

Now your customer is ready to personalize their vehicle and is familiar with adding an item to the cart. Starting off with We-Owe takes the stress of another sales presentation off of the customer, creating the shopping environment you need to sell accessories. 

And, should a question or dispute arise, on either end, the terms of your original agreement are easily accessible and proven. It’s a win for all involved!

Improve Communication

When an electronic We-Owe is added to the shopping cart, every department you choose receives a copy. Even customers who decline personalization can be registered into the system for a declination form and electronic We-Owe. 

Some stores add an item like “first oil change free” to their We-Owe to incentivize customers. When the service department sees the We-Owe, they can reach out to the customer to thank them for their business and schedule maintenance. 

Strong communication helps you better serve your customers and generate retention. 

Boost sales and save yourself a lot of hassle by switching to electronic We-Owe. Your dealership, customers, and mental health will thank you!

Insignia Group Can Help

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory-selling platforms nationwide. For over twenty years, we’ve helped dealers sell more accessories and streamline their in-store processes. 

Ready to switch your We-Owe process to digital and cut down on loss and miscommunication? Contact us today to learn how. 

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