Becoming a Successful Dealer Principal

Posted by Insignia Group on Jul 20, 2022 11:38:52 AM

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Today, the automotive industry is in critical need of strong leadership. The nature of car buying continues to bend and reshape itself amid the ongoing challenges initiated in 2020. 

Though the term “Dealer Principal” can sometimes be used interchangeably with “General Manager,” this article is geared toward dealership owners. 

Exceptional customer service and high-integrity business practices start at the top of any owner’s priorities! To become a successful Dealer Principal, you’ve got to start with perfecting your own skillset as a leader, customer service manager, salesperson, parts expert, and service strategist. 

Here are three tips for setting yourself apart:

High-Level Training

Pat Riley once said, “Complacency is the last hurdle standing between any team and its potential greatness.” As a Dealer Principal, you’ve put in the work to get where you are today. So, to increase your success, guard yourself against complacency with continual training. NADA Academy, for example, trains and prepares automotive leaders at all levels. This high-level training is ongoing and sets Dealer Principals up to be both successful and profitable in their stores, as well as keep up with trends. Leaders will set goals and stay on top of them with strategy and efficiency when there’s a team of expert trainers supporting that end.

Continual Review for Efficiency

The market is flooded with competition, and dealership tools are no exception. Regularly overview your resources through conversations with your General Manager, departmental managers, and other employees using these platforms. Bi-annual check-ins on CRMs, accessory systems, digital retailers, and other touchpoints will alert you to anything that is cumbersome, inefficient, causing frustration, or not delivering. Ultimately, a vendor can, and will, promise you the moon. Although, only time and experience will tell if you got a return on your investment. If time is money, ensure your employees have the resources to best use their time. If you are using software or systems that aren't keeping up with industry trends, you can find one that does. 

Exemplify Integrity

Dealership stereotypes are well known. Do everything in your influence to stop the “used car salesmen experience” at your store. You can start by exemplifying unwavering integrity and professionalism to your staff and setting the standard for how to conduct business. You can show your staff they are important by treating them like invaluable members of the team that they are. Fair pay, equity, inclusion, and employee resource groups are in high demand, so make sure they’re part of your company culture! You can reduce your turnover by showing your people they’re valued. The quality of Dealer Principal leadership trickles all the way down to customer service. Deliver exactly what is advertised online without exception. Follow through on what is promised.

Insignia Group As A Resource 

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory selling systems nationwide. As a dealership vendor with more than twenty years of experience, we’re confident in backing up our claims. Accessories are a multi-billion dollar industry, and Insignia Group has proven that accessorizing at the point of sale is the best way to add PNVR! 

Our team of expert consultants will work with your leadership team to create a process that fits, then we’ll train your staff to see it through. Robust reporting and tracking features will allow you to check in on your ROI anytime you choose. You can create custom packages, monitor commissions, as well as make changes to parts and labor pricing; all while adding front-end gross by selling accessories with the Insignia Group system.

Your time is valuable. Schedule a demonstration today to see how Insignia Group can work for you!

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