Are Accessories Being Presented in Your Insignia Group System?

Posted by Insignia Group on Aug 8, 2022 2:02:18 PM


how to present accessories with the insignia group system

You have the Insignia Group system, and you’re pretty sure you’re selling accessories to customers, so now what do you do?

Find out if it’s true! Our system is great for presenting accessories, tracking orders, creating new product bundles, adjusting pricing across the board, and making fixed operation jobs more effective. All those things are wonderful—until you discover that only half the teams that are supposed to be using it are actually using it.

While some softwares hide how you can check their usage—mostly to avoid cancelation due to little or no usage—we are very upfront about it. You shouldn’t pay for things that aren’t being used correctly! Now you’ll be able to check on who is or isn’t using the system and get your teams back on track. 

We’ve split this blog post into two sections. The first is finding the reports about system usage, and the second is why tracking these metrics is important.

Part 1: How to See if Accessories Are Being Presented

Step One: Login to Your System

Every admin has a username and password to log into their system.

If you aren’t sure what your username or password is, you can contact us, and we will help you get access.

Step Two: Finding the Right Reports

Insignia Group has a wealth of information for each user. Whether you’re only looking to see who is using the system, if accessories are being presented to customers, or if the system is being used correctly, you’ll want to look for these specific reports: Sales Staff Performance and Acc. Progress Report. You will find them under the “Reporting” tab on your main screen.

how to acc present #1 (1)

Part 2: Using the Reports for Accessory Selling Information

The Sales Staff Performance Report

sales performance screen shot #2

The Sales Staff Performance Report is where you can see the whole picture of what everyone on the sales team is doing. You’ll be able to see:

  • Which salespeople are consistently selling accessories.
  • How many orders they’ve input.
  • How much revenue has come from those orders.
  • Who is not selling accessories.

We recommend that each store make every salesperson a user in the system, so you'll immediately know who isn't presenting accessories to customers. You will also be able to see the difference between those consistently presenting and those who haven’t really made it part of their selling process at the store.

Why does this report matter? Typically, salespeople are the first stop in a customer being presented with accessories during a car sale. If your salespeople show only 2 or 3 presentations a month, you know that they haven’t implemented it into their process. You should be seeing an equivalent number of registered presentations as there are people who either come into the store or searched your website online for a vehicle. Letting this continue is a poor ROI for your store, especially when the average ROI for our product is in the 250% range over the course of a year.

Accessory Progress Report

acc progress report

The Acc. Progress Report is an easy overview of everything going on in your system from a high level. It’s a great place to check on the highlights of information our system provides. You get to see:

  • The top three highest performing salespeople and top three lowest performing salespeople. 
  • Top performing accessory managers (if you have that position at your store) 
  • Most popular parts by views and part number.
  • Most popular parts by sales (with part numbers).
  • Top three vehicles viewed and sold.

All of the data mentioned above can be used by the parts teams, the sales team, or the service team to monitor what they're doing best, and it can be used for sales forecasting. With this information, you’ll see what people view most often and then compare it to what they actually purchase. If you see something with many views, without many purchases, you can drill down the reasons for it. It could be an inventory issue, a better sales pitch needed, price point, etc. You’ll be able to optimize your parts and accessory sales with all of this information!

Don’t Have the Insignia Group System?

We’re glad you wanted to look at a snippet of what we provide to our customers. As we are always evolving our reports, our system, and even the design of everything—this is just a small fraction of what you can do. When signed up with us, your store will have instant updates from OEs, photorealistic configurators, integration with your digital retailers, and so much more.

If you’re interested in signing up for our system, schedule a demo today and we can tell you all about the Insignia Group program!

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