Accessory sales word track example to appeal to manual drivers

Posted by Insignia Group on Aug 19, 2014 10:00:00 AM

As another way to show our commitment to help you make more by selling accessories, Insignia Group provides easy to use word track examples. The use of these word tracks can help you verbally transition from the sale of the vehicle to selling accessories. Getting to know your customer during the car buying experience will help you understand their lifestyle, making it easier to determine what accessories are the best fit. 

Featured Auto Accessory: Performance Shifters

Although the economy has caused a reemergence, manual transmission vehicles are typically popular among car and racing enthusiast that simply love to drive! Here’s a quick and effective word track to help you illustrate the benefits of a performance shifters to your customer.

“I know you are going to have a lot of fun driving your manual (Insert Make/Model). All owners do. To increase your driving performance and experience, we offer performance shifters that shorten the throw of each shift. This allows you to change gears quickly with more control and precision. Our performance shifters  are durable and will last the lifetime of the car.”

Courtesy of Robert Gerena, Data Specialist at Insignia Group

Corvette shifter

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