An Honest Car Buying Review

Posted by Insignia Group on Jun 17, 2024 12:35:15 PM

used car buyer review

When Miguel Vasquez moved from downtown Dallas to the suburbs, he quickly realized he’d closed the books on his walking and public transportation days. 

After weighing his options, he decided it was time to start his car-buying journey. 

Miguel was in the market for a used car and determined to adhere to his budget. Like many people, Miguel was buying a car out of necessity and needed to do some online research to determine what kind of car would fit his needs. 

“Online window shopping helped me compare multiple vehicles at the same time. I wanted to see if anything caught my eye, plus easily view features, specs, and prices. I did some perusing at the dealership, too,” Vasquez says. 

Vasquez knew his discipline in adhering to the budget would limit his options. And, a few features that were important to him could further narrow his selection. 

“I have a dog that sheds hair like crazy, so my main need was to have something easy to clean, like leather seats. I also wanted a car with Apple Carplay and a decent-sized screen for navigation.” 

“The first dealership knew I was on the way. They were nice and had the car ready for me, but the salesperson didn’t really know much. I also noticed the car was not in the best shape, so I decided to pass on it. The salesperson at the second dealership was very nice and could answer all my questions. I felt I was treated well during that process.” 

Miguel says he was upfront about his budget, yet that didn’t seem to translate into F&I. 

“I’m sure this is very common in the usual car buying experience, but I felt like the person doing the financing wasn’t being 100% genuine about the price and how much they’d be able to work with me.  Eventually, I walked away with a price and rate I was comfortable with. It took a lot to get there, which put an overall damper on the experience. After that, I don’t know if I could recommend them, even though the salesperson was knowledgeable.” 

Miguel says he would’ve bought accessories if he’d been offered them. He already had a solid idea of what he wanted (and was able to get it), and he was still interested in accessories. 

“I wasn’t offered any accessories, which is a shame. I didn’t notice the back seat missing floor mats until I got home the next day. I would have bought them with the salesperson if she’d mentioned that before we left the dealership. I would’ve been interested in some sort of maintenance or cleaning kit that you could keep in your car, too. I ended up making my own little basket at home.”

Overall, Miguel says he’s happy with his car and likes it a lot more than he thought he was going to. “It checked off all my main needs and even has some additional perks like tinted windows and a decent mpg. It’s fun to drive, and it’s a great size for the city.”

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Mr. Vasquez is like many car buyers today. He’s well-researched, diligent with his budget, and willing to shop around to get what he wants. Unfortunately, the dealerships he visited can represent many stores, as well. Failure to offer accessories at the point of sale guarantees that the customer will spend money elsewhere, like Amazon or an aftermarket retailer. Insignia Group helps dealerships nationwide sell more accessories at the point of sale seamlessly.

Schedule a demo with us to see how you can present accessories to every customer every time. 

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