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Posted by Insignia Group on Mar 3, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Whether a Notre Dame fan or not, you have to admit the "Play Like A Champion Today" slogan and ritual is inspiring.  The term champion brings to mind admirable qualities. Leadership, devotion, and discipline are all qualities that extend far beyond the athletic field.  When looking to develop a strategic vehicle personalization plan, you'll need to designate your own "champ" to drive success.

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Identifying your champ:

Your champion will be the "Quarterback" for your vehicle personalization program. Much like a football team, this person will be a crucial piece of your success. Your champ will lead the program and develop both short and long term sucess.

What they'll do:

The accessories champion is your chief "Play Caller".  The play caller will be responsible for good communication throughout the dealership, and ensuring cooperation across all departments. Additionally, this individual will train sales staff and monitor the system and store process to ensure that personalization is being presented on every deal.

Qualities they'll have:

An enthusiastic, charismatic leader:  Think about some of the great NFL quarterbacks like Joe Montana,  Payton Manning, Tom Brady, etc.  One of the things that makes them great players is being great leaders. They inspire their teammates to give their best efforts, and their teammates love playing for them.  Look for the same leadership qualities when choosing your promoter. 

Thorough understanding of sales plan/business model:  Just as a quarterback must completely understand the implement the team’s playbook, your champion must also be able to understand and implement your personalization playbook.

Appreciates the importance of accessories sales to dealership profitability:  We've detailed how important accessories sales are to increasing dealership profits, and why personalization should be a key part of your playbook. For maximum sucess, appoint someone that is fully commited to your game plan. 

It's hard to imagine the 49ers having the same amazing success they experienced in the 1980's without the leadership of Joe Montana.  Likewise, an Accessories Champion will be your "MVP", that will drive the success of your vehicle personalization profit center.

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