5 Dealership Goals for Q1 2022

Posted by Whitney Williams on Nov 18, 2021 11:53:15 AM

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If you bring up low inventory at family Thanksgiving this year, you're canceled. 

"Let's talk about the chip shortage over cranberry stuffing," said no one ever. We don't have a lot of inventory, guys. So let's bedazzle what we do have and slide into 2022 with a bit of pep in our step. Yes, this year was supposed to be better than the treacherous pandemic year and didn't deliver. Through these rose-colored glasses, however, 2022 is looking pretty good. There are steps you can take today and into Q1 to turn survival into thriving next year. 

5 Smart Goals for Dealership Success

With the dealership world feeling a bit like shifting sand, overwhelm is crouching at the door. While we can't do everything, we can do these five things. Focus on smart goals to switch the narrative. 

Know Your Best Selling Vehicles (and Accessories!)

If, for some unknown reason, you were not keeping meticulous records of what customers are looking for, start yesterday. Regardless of what you have on your lot, know what customers want so you can hyper-analyze the features of that vehicle. Then, using accessories, upgrade any and all vehicles you do have available to make them more closely suited to what the customers desire. Of course, when the shortage is over, you'll be able to call all those missed opportunities and let them know Christmas has come in the form of that 2022 hybrid they were after. 

Sell More

A novel idea, isn't it? Unfortunately, the likelihood is that most dealerships are missing sales opportunities without knowing it. In today's automotive climate, you've got to sell online with the same gusto as you sell in person. Accessories have to be available via eCommerce, the showroom, and digital retailing. Remember: used cars are as important as the only new Ram 1500 in town. 

If you've got a vehicle that's been on your lot or on the floor for too long, give it a facelift and make it your hero vehicle to showcase every accessory the world has to offer. The multi-billion-dollar accessory industry is largely unbothered by a global crisis, or much of anything else, and is here to keep this boat afloat. Classy touches, unique upgrades, and sometimes all-out-in-your-face LED lights will get metal moving. Take a picture of the new hero vehicle and slap it on your social media—even update the images on your website. Don't sell yourself short by missing the widening avenues for vehicle sales as we close up this year.

Be Proactive

Whatever you do, salespeople, don't wander the parking lot waiting for someone to arrive. It's cold out there, and zinc is on backorder. Every department, from the front to the back of the house, can be proactive about bringing in business. Now is the time to call your customer from five years ago and tell them about a car on your lot. Text some pictures. Include a selfie. Make some TikToks. This is the sales climate today, so get out there. Parts managers don't need to hound the service lane for sales either—research new avenues for online sales via digital retailing and other eCommerce platforms. Find out what accessories are selling at the highest rate, and promote them online. Service managers, send an email blast to your customer list with a promotion or fun holiday giveaway! 

Take Organizational Notes

With low inventory, now is the time to have multiple managers walk through the customer experience. First, have a salesperson walk you through buying a car. A good dealership is going to have a streamlined process. The salesperson should pitch the vehicle and do the test drive while asking good qualifying questions—building rapport. Next, perform a vehicle walk around, role-playing what accessories would make the car better suited for the buyer. Move inside to negotiate the price, then present accessories during the wait time for F&I. Practice how to hand the customer over to another employee, or introducing them to the service team and setting up their first oil change appointment. It's essential to have multiple people practice the process to see where there are hiccups. The result will be more efficiency and a better quality customer experience. Remember that unbothered accessory industry? Offering accessories at the point of sale is non-negotiable for any dealership that wants a repeat customer. If your client finds out their friend went to another store to buy a similar vehicle and could finance the cargo rack, cargo carrier, hitch package, etc.—while they had to pay for theirs out of pocket—you've just lost that customer. Don't let competitors get your customers because you didn't think accessories would make a difference in the process.

Recruit Top Talent

Salespeople might be hard to retain, and the turnover is overwhelming if you're not actively trying to keep them. Car sales isn't an easy job. To keep your employees, you'll need to back away from the sink or swim approach, and instead have mentor/mentee training. All onboarding processes should be written out, consistent, and provide easy assistance when needed. The salespeople always reflect the dealership, so you need dedicated training to ensure they all represent you the way you want to be represented. Extra incentives, a healthy work environment, and a team atmosphere will go a long way as well. A heavy social media presence will not only attract more business, it will attract better talent. Make your store an attractive place to work! Keep open communication with your parts and service departments to find out what motivates them. Many times it will be reducing pressure from OEMs. You can do that by upgrading their accessory sales system so they can meet or exceed sales quotas each quarter. Everyone knows it's cheaper to retain than hire new, so pour into who you have today. Less onboarding in 2022 means more time to focus on your team. 

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