5 Auto Accessories Your Dealership Should Be Selling

Posted by Insignia Group on Jan 18, 2023 10:32:08 AM


The world of auto accessories is as vast as the ocean. There are many ways to make a dollar using accessories, with both OE and aftermarket catalogs always growing, the possibilities are endless! 

Accessories are adaptable. They hold the power to push a hesitant customer to commit and put an extra incentive in a salesperson’s pocket. Auto accessories add profits in fixed ops, allow for better introductions to service, and transform dealerships into a one-stop shop for consumers. 

Dealers who sell accessories simply make more money. With the right strategy and sales process, your dealership sales are guaranteed to increase. 

An accessory catalog can change seasonally and by location. Still, some auto accessories have proven themselves as tried and true sellers regardless of the time or place. 

When you set out to become a Vehicle Personalization powerhouse, ensure you’re offering these five accessories at every opportunity.

1) Remote Start: Regardless of vehicle or brand, remote starts are one of the most popular accessories. Northern states cherish the remote start’s ability to heat up the car, while Southerners covet the ability to cool down their interior. Research shows female buyers are A. more likely to buy a remote start and B. represent a growing share of the vehicle buying market. Dealers who offer a remote start as a lead-in product have historically sold over one million dollars in accessories annually

2) All-Weather Mats: It doesn’t matter who you’re selling to, where you’re located, or what car is in question; all-weather mats benefit everyone. Whether your prospect is in and out on red dirt roads, tracking in snow or sand, bussing children, or everyday wear and tear, all-weather mats will keep the car in better shape for longer. As one of the most affordable auto accessories you can offer, all-weather mats are a great lead-in product for the personalization presentation. Did your customer decline floor mats at the point of sale? Offer them again in fixed ops when they return for installation or service. There’s a good chance they see the value after a few weeks of driving. 

3) Heated and Cooled Seats: Any vehicle you sell with cloth seats is eligible for a luxury upgrade. Other vehicles with standard leather still lack temperature control. If you’re selling a vehicle without heated and cooled leather, try letting your prospect test drive a higher-tier model with temperature settings on the seats. Let your customer know they can roll the cost of the upgrade into financing for small monthly payments! Often the ability to pay over time is enough to justify that warm seat in the winter and cooled leather in the summer. 

4) Window Tint: Window tint is another profitable lead-in product because it just makes sense. Tint is no longer simply for the aesthetic. Tinting your windows is now proven to reduce harmful UV rays, keep the interior cooler, and protect leather seats from fading. Explain to your customer that adding window tint is a protection accessory as much as it is an appearance enhancement. 

5) Racks: Offer your customers the ability to easily transport their bikes, kayaks, and cargo. Racks are available from aftermarket vendors, yet it will leave the customer to figure out how to properly install it themselves! Nobody wants to take a chance at losing their bike on the highway. Don’t limit yourself to offering racks to outdoor enthusiasts. Parents would love to be able to take their kid's bikes to the park. Weekend warriors enjoy easily attaching their kayak or canoe before heading off on an adventure. Remember, rolling the price of the accessory into finance makes it more attractive. 

Insignia Group Can Help

Opportunities for accessories abound. Personalization is so popular it can almost sell itself! In fact, it does–oftentimes on Amazon or another third-party retailer. How can your store increase dealership sales of auto accessories in the front of the house and in fixed ops? 

Offer it.

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory-selling catalogs nationwide. Our team of expert consultants will work with you to develop a strategy and sales process for auto accessories and help train your staff to incorporate this step. 

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