Diary of a Dragon Slayer: The real world of Vehicle Personalization

Posted by Tanja Krouse on Jun 9, 2016 9:53:33 AM
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How many of you are dragon slayers?  No, I don’t mean fire-breathing, over-sized-lizard-with-large-talons-and-wings slayers. I’m talking about the legendary, eleven mile, exhilarating, heart-pounding, magnificent stretch of asphalt you may know as the Tail of the Dragon.

Insignia Group Dragon Slayer

As a proud Subaru owner and car enthusiast, I was thrilled to put both my car and driving skills to the test at the sixth annual Subaru Forester Owners Deal’s Gap Meet. So what is this marvelous event I speak of?

Every year the Subaru Forester Owner’s Club puts together a family friendly event with the help of sponsors like Subaru of America, Subtle Solutions, GrimmSpeed, Moore Performance, JE Pistons and many more. While all respectful, car-minded, lovers of driving are welcome, this event attracts mostly club members.

Insignia Group Dragon Slayer

As welcoming as the event is, the Tail of the Dragon is not for the faint of heart. Featuring 318 curves on an 11-mile stretch of winding and unforgiving mountain roads, this destination is for confident and skilled drivers. Subaru owners rejoice—this is what a Subaru was made for!

As I pull into the parking lot of the Fontana Dam, I’m greeted with ear-to-ear smiles, excitement and anticipation every Subaru owner can relate to. It's like Christmas and my Birthday and every other holiday I can think of all at once. Think back to when you first got your driver's license. You couldn't wait to drive as your dad hands you the key to his car. With this same appetite, I finally reach the destination where I have the chance to drive my Subaru the way it was built to be driven.

I jump out of my vehicle and race down the parking lot catching glimpses of Hellas, roof racks and go-pros in the corner of my eye. I approach the heart of the meet, --the family itself.

See, the first thing I learned when I bought my 2004 Forester XT, was that I didn’t just get a Subaru: I inherited the family that came with it. Whether I’m turning my head to hear the rumble echo from a distance or I'm receiving enthusiastic waves while driving down the road, I realize how proud I am to be a part of the Subaru community.

Forester Family

After handshakes and swag bags, Action Photographer Killboy releases the shutter and the sound sends us off on our way to tame the mighty beast.  

As I glide through the first few turns my pulse quickens and my palms start to sweat. My senses take over, and I truly lose myself in the driving experience. The only sound to be heard is the boxer rumble echoing through the forest.

After pushing 376 horsepower and 344 pound-feet of torque through the curves, I stop near the unofficial end of the run where, without hesitation, I whip my Forester around and start again.

Killboy Action Photographer

Subaru stands for "unite" and that it did. It never fails to bring us together to share our passion for the cars, the people, the lifestyle and the culture. No matter what type of Subaru you own, you will experience the immense amount of love the community offers.

Forester Family

So what can we learn from Subaru?




By: Tanja Krouse, Marketing Design Specialist

Topics: Subaru, Vehicle Personalization