5 reasons why Hyannis Toyota is a prime example of how accessory sales should work

Posted by Whitney Williams on Aug 17, 2018 11:30:00 AM


Long ago when the Mayflower landed, weary pilgrims climbed out of the boat and onto Cape Cod. It is rumored that this location is where famous explorer John Smith prophesied that Massachusetts would be the home of a wise ruler who would lead his people to automotive greatness with diligence and commitment.

This prophecy was (obviously) fulfilled in Bryan Scarpellini, General Manager, at Hyannis Toyota in Hyannis, Massachusetts. (Disclaimer: There is potential that a portion of this history lesson was fabricated.)

Working together with Insignia Vehicle Personalization Expert, Jason Ludwig, Hyannis Toyota quickly absorbed the passion for pizzazz and all things personalization were born.

“I recognized this as a huge missed opportunity,” Scarpellini says.  “I knew if we could ensure consistency and a low pressure presentation, we could generate incremental gross.” As for his faithful consultant? Jason raves about this dealership like a proud father.

Bryan Scarpellini

“Bryan completely embraced accessory sales as part of the culture of his dealership. Our communication is specific, constructive, and responded to with fantastic engagement!” Jason further promotes Scarpellini’s leadership, pointing out that this GM supports accessory sales in every stage and location in the dealership. Following Insignia’s best practice tips, outfitted vehicles adorn the showroom floor with both OE and aftermarket accessories while vendor specific displays are positioned throughout.

Relatively small in size at about 180 new and used cars sold per month, Hyannis Toyota refused to get swallowed up by the mega dealers lurking around the corner. Scarpellini recognizes the importance of motivating, incentivizing and supervising accessory presentations on a daily basis, hyper-focusing on the people in front of him and the opportunity in the next 12 hours.

Consistent buy-in and accountability at the sales desk has been the single biggest factor that has determined success or failure and where I need to focus on a daily basis,”  Bryan says. “ At all the stores I’ve worked in this seems to be the case at every store that is either struggling or succeeding on the program.” While the staff enjoys big monthly payouts from accessory sales, Brian realizes the end of the month bonus can get overlooked in the day to day grind.

Jason ProfileMeet the VPE who assisted in this article Jason Ludwig. Jason is one of Insignia's north-east VPEs. There he coaches dealerships to increase accessory sales while using the Insignia accessory system.

“Like any employee, they need to be reminded almost daily to make the presentation,” he says. “That said, if you can help them make the extra money and then remind them at the end of the month how much extra they profited solely off of accessories, it’s worth it for everyone.” The result is a low turnover rate on the sales floor. The highly involved General Manager supports the sales staff in a way that leads to a dynamic team, rather than one superstar.ontrack guide large

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Jason Ludwig, the dealer’s consultant, highly values the leadership within the store. “A testament to Scarpellini’s leadership is the fact that the top accessory sales associate is known to shift between three to four different associates depending on the month, rather than be dominated by one person as is usually the case,” Jason explains.

As dealer and consultant continue to work closely to advance the store’s success (and fulfill historical prophecy), Jason’s constructive feedback and Bryan’s adaptability and drive snowball the efforts. Bryan notes “The best feedback I’ve had from Jason is to track not only the sales dollars, but the presentation percentage. I use that number in conjunction with gross sales to motivate those that are succeeding and coach those that need help.”

As for Jason’s opinion of the store? “Hyannis Toyota is the prime example of how Insignia is supposed to work.”

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