Tufankjian Toyota: Loyalty Builds a Lasting Foundation

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jun 15, 2017 2:00:00 PM

We have all seen the empires built in a day: pop-up fads bringing mega success that are here today and gone tomorrow. The lure of getting rich quick can lead organization’s astray from taking the proper steps, like adequate preparation and training, before launching a new program.

Bill DeTellis going over accessory system

Toyota of Braintree in Braintree, Massachusetts didn’t take the bait. From the beginning, the Toyota dealer committed to waylaying fast results and laying a solid foundation to build upon. Month over month, the dealer built their personalization program--and their labor hasn’t been in vain. Toyota of Braintree, the longest standing member of Insignia’s million dollar club, just marked their sixth year of over a million dollars in accessory sales in the showroom.

Accessory manager Bill “The Legend” DeTellis is the poster child for vehicle personalization process. DeTellis’ skillset is frankly invaluable. In such a transient industry, highly skilled people like Bill tend to move from showroom to showroom motivated by financial rewards.

After years of business with DeTellis, one thing is indisputable--he has character traits that are unteachable. The sincerity and loyalty that he brings to work every day are the cornerstone to Braintree’s success. “I love it here,” DeTellis tells us. “I love the people; the environment and the support that this ownership provides to me and the desire to take care of our customers.”Bill DeTellis reciving challenge coin from David Stringer

In a world that has become cynical to genuine feelings of loyalty and appreciation, DeTellis is an example of heartfelt sincerity. He means what he says. More than any sales technique or word track, the person behind this accessories program is Toyota of Braintree’s secret to six consecutive million dollar plus years.

As we interview mega hitters like Braintree about their accomplishment, it always goes back to unity among the staff. Bill cites communication between the accessories department, parts, and service as a “great and major reason it all works”. Their unique process serves each department well. Sales staff sticks to selling cars. While the topic of accessories may come up, sales always defers to Bill, letting the customer know they’ll meet a Toyota care expert who can help them maintain and personalize their new vehicle. Once the customer is introduced to Bill, they’ll be educated on all the complimentary services they’ll enjoy as part of the Toyota of Braintree family, be introduced to the service department, and then enjoy a shopping experience as they look through personalization options.Accessory area

 2016 didn’t come without its challenges. An increase in leasing has made it more difficult to sell accessories. For many years, remote starts have been Braintree’s hottest seller. Functional accessories such as these are tougher to sell to a lease customer. The dealership has sought to do more protection packages and paint protection which prove beneficial to the lease market.

DeTellis educates the customer on customizing the vehicle to protect and maintain it, resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings at the lease end. To further support their accessory sales in a lease market, Braintree has also focused on truck accessories like caps and plows to bring in front end gross.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Toyota of Braintree’s prosperity. It’s the sincere care for the customer and loyalty to the team that keeps this dealership riding high. We are honored to present Bill DeTellis and the entire team at Toyota of Braintree with the 2016 challenge coin.

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