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Our years of experience will help anyone new to Vehicle Personalization.

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Insignia Group has been perfecting the art of Vehicle Personalization for just shy of 20 years. There’s a method to the madness, and our goal is to make that method something any dealership can replicate. That’s why we’ve focused all our efforts on personalization in the showroom, from conception to launch, and employee training to follow-up.

We cover everything, including communicating among departments, incentive models, when to serve the coffee, and more. You’ll receive twelve of our proven best practice tips that dealerships in our million dollar club are practicing daily. 

Below is a preview of one of our most popular Best Practices


#11. Accessory Champions

When it comes to selecting an accessory champion for your dealership, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Dealers should examine their process and store volume to determine who to lean on as their expert in Vehicle Personalization.

An accessory champion can be a dedicated accessory manager who is responsible for presenting to every customer, or a member of your sales team on whom you can count. Use these tips to determine which model best serves your store.

bp sales rep.png

Dedicated accessory manager. If you have the volume, this can be a highly profitable approach. When one person can focus strictly on accessory sales, there’s opportunity to create a personalization profit center that stands apart from the car buying process. Look for an outgoing and personable candidate, preferably with some dealership experience.

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