It takes more than a frog to sell accessories!

Posted by Whitney Williams on Apr 21, 2016 12:37:19 PM

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you settle on the prince. Rudy Luther Toyota, of Golden Valley, MN, can attest to the difference in trying other accessory selling systems in comparison to the Insignia system. After settling in with Insignia, the dealership found this system fit its style and streamlined communication among departments. When they found their rhythm, the store personnel also found themselves in the million dollar club.

Rudy Luther Toyota

Upon the initial kickoff with the Insignia program, training was provided for the entire staff. After training, there were refresher courses. As a customer in the guided development program, even the refreshers had refreshers. It’s this type of attention to detail and dedication to reaching the goal that gave the sales staff confidence in presenting accessories at the point of sale. 

Rudy Luther ToyotaCustomers love the variety of products and feel that they can really make their vehicle their own. By the time the sales person mentions accessories, the customer has developed a trusting relationship - It’s only natural to continue that relationship right into the presentation of vehicle personalization. Rudy Luther salesmen La Vang consistently stays among the top three performers in accessory sales using this approach. Sales manager Alex Mohanna explains "He has a very loyal customer base that loves customizing their cars and trucks. He suggests certain items and has a huge picture book of his customers in front of their vehicles that he shows them...and they buy it."

Mohanna believes staff morale has improved as a result of selling accessories through Insignia. “The sales staff are paid commission on the entire gross of the deal, including accessory sales. Those that have embraced it have given themselves a significant raise.”

Joining the million dollar club, this dealer recognizes it has accomplished something special. Mohanna notes the success didn’t happen overnight, but Rudy Luther is on cruise control at this stage. With a monthly goal of $100,000 net, there’s no shortage of drive and determination in this store.

Insignia is honored to present this challenge coin to General Manager Debbie Tufts and Sales Manager Alex Mohanna. 


By: Whitney Williams, Social Media Expert 


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